Why NG still pushing for Bruiser to make a comeback?

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Wow they are on FIRE !!
Lucille was there and Now still a greater dissapointement : the STICK... Is that a joke ?
The Bruiser is BROKEN. Adding some New weapon wont be fixing it. Do they think that Throwing some INEXPENSIVE weapon (sarcasm) would make the class playable ?
And they don't stop there ! What if we Double the damage for those useless piece of Trash ?Will they play it again ?? NO! (that is if you have a least kept one to try it ... )

Even With all those incentives the facts are still the same : why choose this class when my warrior does the same damage as a doubled damage bruiser? Also my warrior has an area of effect and will hit twice when charged ???

Please help me figure out why NG is still scraching that old wound? And why don't they invest those ''GIFT'' in a class that we actualy like and play for real !


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    Just upgrade your damn bruiser .. Do u need any MORE of a hint?? (My grandmama said that, not me) but I do agree
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    Wow thats an A_ _ of an answer ! Thanks einstein !
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  • KaiseroKaisero Member Posts: 28
    Lol ok thats what they do ...
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    Nerfed bruiser to stun max +3 lvls was really bad idea!! What's the point use a bruiser when every other class can deal easily with walkers +3 lvls above. Another brilliant NG idea. Bravo!!
    Bruiser should stun at least +5 above
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    concussion is the key.
    if a bruiser can stun a walker up to X levels higher, the concussion trait this trait can make it better and simultaneously fixing the trait.

    bronze trait: 1 round extra stun, the bruiser is able to stun up to X+1 lvl higher walker
    silver: 1 round extra stun, up to X+2 level walker
    gold:1 round extra stun, X+3 level walker
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    Horrible ideas, you actually expect their programmers to work?? and make determinations happen during missions...expecting too much ;) but seriously all these "lil" tweaks add up to a lot of work

    May be a lil too toxic there... But just a lil ;)
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    Lol it really depends on the dungeon - and the game, but generally in end game casters are much more powerful especially when they have range. Unfortunately for any tank, crossing a distance or hiding in cover still allows you to wear em down and pick them off easily.
    Whatever works for your play and strategy, but I don't like/need a tank class since there's no HUGE bosses or events where they're really useful YET in this game since zombie tanks are stun immune and every other class/mob can be taken down from afar.
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    But dealing with a human mob 2 or 3 levels higher than your crew that can inflict bleeding in 1 attack really hurts without some crowd control. It won't matter if you have a charge attack when you open that gate. You cant use it until you bandage if you are taken off-guard.
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    I understand what you mean about playstyles or strategy, but there is just so much hate for the bruiser class that many take it as gospel. I am just trying to point out that it's not.
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    A lot of us are dealing with Saviors 4+ levels above us, and a bruiser would be basically worthless after 3+ levels so....Without some type of ranged damage or thrown stun ...
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    i'm glad to see that being a bit of a troll on the bruiser subject seem to bring some good strategies and a way to use this class. Personnaly i still find it hard to use this class because im letting other Better option in my opinion : as for outpost yes you could stop any class with a bruiser but the fact is that high lvl player have a lot of zombies before the doors so i charge up my class : shoter and warriot and then ! 2 shot one kill for most of them without suffering to much (hospital is very avoidable)
    So has long has there is not something more to the bruiser it wil be left alone but maybe they will mod it a bit and then it will be playable for me.
    Thanks for your point of view !
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    I mostly use a hunter, bruiser and another class, depending on the situation.

    Bruisers are good if you need to open something that takes several turns.

    They also help charging the other survivors' abilities when attacked by large crowds (for example while grindingh. I stun as many as I can, finish off the rest with my other two survivors. If the crowd is stunned for two turns I have all the time in the world to charge up at least two special abilities, sometimes even all three. Combined with a hunter and a warrior I can go on like that for quite awhile.

    There might be strategies that work better for others or will work better for me in the future but for now I'm quite happy with my bruiser.
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    I am in the bruisers don't suck camp, although I wouldn't complain much if the devs decide to try to make the class more competitive. Scouts on the other hand...

    Honestly melee classes is general don't get a lot of love from the community. Even the warrior seems to get a "meh" rating and is a stopgap for being short a hunter or assault.

    Unfortunately, instead of buffing melee in general, the devs would rather ramp up body shot probabilities on ranged to the level of absurdity. I wish they would do away with body shots altogether for melee. It's stupid.
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