Help on Episode 4 - Part 5

I've been stuck at this level forever. There are just so many walkers swarming! I can't kill them all, and I can't just p[ush my way through because there are enough walkers that they block the exits. I've tried killing everything, I've tried killing almost nothing, I've tried relying on hunters versus relying on melee. The best I've done before everyone ends up 'struggling' is getting all 3 resources, but being unable to get my last character out and to the exit zone.

Can anyone tell me how they got past this level? I'd really appreciate the help! FWIW, all of my survivors are level 7 with epic or legendary gear.


  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,156
    Okay, I found these instructions on Reddit. They listed the level incorrectly, but it worked extremely well for me with 1 hunter, 1 scout and 1 bruiser (using the bruiser to absorb hits). The key for me was knowing that you could *close* the doors as well as open them!


    -2xhunter 1xbruiser, All lvl 4s
    -Start with the gate on the left side first, get the key lock and get out
    -Make sure to close the gate (before first wave of walkers come in)
    -After coming out and closing the gate, wait for first wave of walkers.
    -Clear the wave that comes out from the EXIT.
    -Head to the RIGHT SIDE, unlock gates, get the lock and get out, close the gate.
    -Wait for second wave of walkers, clear them.
    -Now push the police vehicle to get to the third lock, and then exit the mission.

  • schmoopyschmoopy Member Posts: 8
    I am sorry, I do not remember how I got out of this particular jam. I almost always use the combo TransmuteJun suggested.

    A tactic I have put to use with the hunter:
    When the hunter fires, you will notice the walker tally on the next wave (at the bottom of screen) always goes up by one. Firing the weapon attracts them suckers.
    Well, if you move the hunter only one space, then let him do Overwatch, he can still kill (or at least stun) several walkers, but the gun doesn't attract more. I employ this tactic quite often, when there are just wave after wave coming at me.
  • QwooootzQwooootz Member Posts: 11
    I.will try that tip tonight i didnt realize you could close back the doors
  • QwooootzQwooootz Member Posts: 11
    Worked like a gem cheers mate!
  • VN_emulatalk1VN_emulatalk1 Member Posts: 6
    I recommend you try 3 hunter or 2 hunter 1 bruiser.
  • ZeoliteZeolite Member Posts: 1
    @TransmuteJun I think this is actually episode 4 level 6 but either way I was stuck on it for awhile to and the instructions you posted from Reddit worked like a charm, thank you
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    I did this with a hunter, a scout, and a bruiser. left first, middle car, then right side since it's closest to the evac. I went really slowly and didn't re-close the door, either. Remember, even though the walker count increases by 1 every time you use your hunter, you're still reducing overall walker count as long as you kill two or more per shot. On this map since there are a lot of choke points, I was able to kill 3+ every shot. Keep in mind you can overwatch a bruiser by a choke point to stun a zombie trying to get through, which prevents any other zombies from coming through also. They are all then bunched up at the choke point for your hunter to punish.

    I really wish we could replay story missions! I'm done now and grinding deadlies.
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