Trouble logging in since Community Bundle.

SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
The game starts to load, you can see the orange bar progressing and the various messages, pop up "Gathering supplies, looking for survivors," etc.

And then a "We are having difficulties. Tap try again.

It has happened about 5 times now. I usually can get in, but it takes maybe 10 tries each time.

I am on later version of IOS.

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  • christine828christine828 Member Posts: 3
    Same issue here. Can't get in to report it though.
  • dirtyred92dirtyred92 Member Posts: 15
    Can't get in the game at all
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,909
    @SlayerSect , @christine828 , @dirtyred92 , please submit an in game support request.

    When the game is loading, press three fingers on the screen for 10 seconds to bypass it and get to the help screen directly. This is useful if you can't load your game as you can access it without the game being able to load. Once you are in the help, look for contact us. If you don't see it on the right hand side of the help menu, please click on a question to see the answer, then contact us should pop up.
  • blaher86blaher86 Member Posts: 71
    Moderator... this issue is happening to me and majority of my guild member. This is not just a single incident but a major incident. Please forward this information to the developer. I usually have to reload multiple times before I can play
  • CherokeeRoseCherokeeRose Member Posts: 15
    Yes I am having the same issue and it take about 10 times for me to log in, even that doesn't help and it can take up 30 MINS TO LOAD!!!
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