Guild Competition! 50,000 Gold per Guild up for grabs!



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    Great input @Beastmode and @jureforjustice. I like the rewards, dont get me wrong, But it does indeed make the gap between top and sub-top bigger. Also getting a Nice piece of equipment is a Great idea. Hope the moderators read this.

    My own suggestion:
    Create a platinum crate. Give them to the top 5 Or top 10 guilds. Ofcourse the Number Will vary, Or the top 3 gets Some gold on top of that. Platinum crates could have things like: 150k exp, legendary gear and weapons level 12-13-14, 200-300k supplies?

    What do you think?
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    I think the top guilds are missing the point, why have a system that will maintain the status quo? Just have a good prize available at X individual stars and at Y guild stars. Just have this on a increasing scale so if a guild wants it they can go for it. The good prize being legendary weapon or armor and even a legendary character or just a high level character. This is beneficial for the health of the game long run because too many players are getting burned out, saving radios and not getting any good characters to move on. At the end of the day if you weren't in the top guilds would your answer be different? Right now it's basically two guilds having a pissing contest in the wind complaining about which direction the wind is blowing. Don't get me wrong the drama is great but think about the larger player base, without the player base the game can't be supported.
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    Amen to that @zbot.
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    @zbot You missed the point of my earlier post. People need something to strive for and do well. Even in the case someone has all of the best stuff the gap isn't as massive as many including yourself would want to make it out to be. A player whom had a group of rare survivors only and rare weapons and determination could still make the minimum requirements to get even into a top 5 guild right now. They would likely even have better than just rare stuff though. The status quo doesn't exist at this time. I started this game almost a month after everyone else and I caught up (it did take me a few packages though which I happily bought because I wanted to support a game that gives me enjoyment). My idea was to basically give a couple pieces of equipment here and there which isn't game changing but essentially gives those whom pushed themselves to do well something to focus on other than the challenge. For example, upgrading a level 13 weapon to full costs approximately 400-500k experience points. This is no small thing. Guess what else, add a level or two and suddenly this equipment isn't top end anymore. A rare item 1 level higher has significantly more damage or defense than a legendary item a level lower. These competitions are where we may strive. Many casual gamers don't want to reach the top or win any pissing contest. That is completely fine. They aren't going to quit over not making it to the top. When pvp is introduced for example players should even be able to compete with someone around their own level.
    How many people do you think have installed this app? Millions. How many participate in this forum? Thousands at most. The ones who wanted to do well in guilds most often sought external information like a forum. Many just want to play the game to kill time or have fun and could care less about a guild leaderboard. Once again, there is no massive status quo that exists at this time. Some people, myself included and many on this forum just want to strive to get a little better here and there.
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    @zbot I totally agree. If not then the gap between players will gradually get bigger and bigger.
    Sometimes a pissing contest provides great entertainment though.
    @WastelandDan you can pm and we could discuss things if you want. Or keep providing entertainment.
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    @Beastmode, read your comment and understood your comment but looks like you were in the wind regarding my post. For every successful guild there's tens of other guilds that fail. Have you looked at the recruiting page here and on Facebook? It looks like nothing but spam. Join my guild, no join mine, no mine!!!!! I'm on the same page started this game to kill some time, but let's face it after hitting level 25 it's a grind just to advance. What does a casual player have to look forward to once they are done with the missions? Or the better question is how does a casual player complete the missions? I would say it's almost impossible for a casual player. I'm a hardcore f2p but even I know the missions are difficult. Heck after your best characters get pummeled and in traction for hours you come back and try again, guess what happens? The same thing, the definition of crazy is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    The prizes to work toward should be known previously and same for everyone. If it's a prize you or as a guild decide you want then you will go after it. There's a sense of community and working toward a common goal while improving every guild members progress.

    As for status quo, it already exists the biggest proponents of top guild payouts are the top guilds. The difference between 1 and 2 is couple hundred stars, the difference between 2 and 3 is about 1,500. That's a guild worth of difference.

    @Beastmode, Strive for the larger user base instead of a few.
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    Also participation doesn't equal traffic on this site. Many including myself came to this site for information but never made an account because let's face it it's a game. I decided to participate to respond to someone that had a similar support issue to let them know that while it looks like support isn't doing anything they are and that it will take time.
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    There are lots of pay to win games. This is no different. Fact is, if you want to be top you spend more. I am okay with that personally. Don't spend much so I get what I expect. I have been lucky with radios so I cannot complain much there either. I do think this rotating thing needs to end. Let guilds win based on one roster. That is an easy fix. Lock the doors. Better yet, open up pvp and let the community attack the top guild. :)
  • Oodles_PoodlesOodles_Poodles Member Posts: 5

    yes. I like that pvp idea.

    Open up some missions as a battle arena. 8 human players. Rest walkers. Random placement. 2 human players max per guild.

    When game fills up. Starts. Remaining 2 players split loot randomly.
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    Has anyone suggested something like a divisional split?
    Like a division for noobs, one for intermediate players, one for experts.
    That way, everyone gets a shot at some kind of prize.

    *Just thinking out loud*
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    Come on guys we need rewards for at least the top 10!i have played already SEVEN mobile games including No man's land and FIVE of them give rewards right down to the bottom!you and clash of clans which I deleted a month back are the only ones so far!Shame on me for thinking those games give bad rewards!At least they give better rewards then you probably EVER will!
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    Wonder if all those refills of gas equal the prizes for the top guilds. Will be fun to watch the competition.

    But as a casual gamer (lvl32) spending only a few bucks now and then it makes no difference at all if there are rewards for the top 3 or top 5 or top 20.

    Think some general improvement of rewards/chests would be a present for all players.

    Atm only maybe 5*20 players will have a chance to win a prize. For the rest it does not matter at all and they will not spend more money. For me that doesn't sound like good marketing.

    Just my two cents...have fun and good luck to those few
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    @Capleton, thank you for the input, that's what I've been advocating all along, some good stuff all around for everyone, for those that are not in a guild and in guilds! For the larger player base award.
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    I just want to chime in here that this is the equivalent of them 'giving' $20 to each member of the #1 guild. They probably see this as *very* generous.

    The issue here is that the overall scale is very expensive. $20 does not get you much in this game.
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    I love the fact Ng is trying to add to the game. But at the same time you guys are focusing on the wrong areas of the games to try an improve. There are so many issues in the game that need to be fixed before you start giving away 50kgold to the top guild. Everyone knows it will likly be soco elite or stars. But you can't count out any guild willing to exploit the guild system an cycle members out that are maxed stars. To try an beat soco or stars for the top spot. So while what you are doing is great in a give away you are only causing more problems then your solving. Honestly I would rather the bugs an glitch in the game focused on. Then fix the guild issue that allows a guild to exploit the star system. An simple fix is if a player drops from a guild those stars are removed with them.

    I see cycling or star boosting or what ever you wanna call it becoming a huge problem. I could honestly see both soco n stars n trinity knocked out of the top 5 due to this exploit. Plus if you want to give us a useful reward such as radios. You say you are listening to our feedback. If this were true then many issues in the game woulda been addressed by now. Let's face it you guys are making bank off all the players willing to buy an spend gold on gas or upgrades.

    So if your listening to us then take the time to fix the problems that have multiple threads an people are begging to have fixed. Thanks
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  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,916
    Divide and conquer, the developers throw us a bread crumb (the top guild prize), everyone fights over it and is distracted from the real issues which is needed improvements (better prize support, chat, etc).
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    The leaderboard shows top 50, so why not reward them all? Even difference between say 10k toms for 50th and a phone for 49th gives guilds something to compete for right until the end of each challenge, and then informed decisions can be made on whether people want to spend on gold.
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    lots of ranting and raving.... this game is still new and lots of development is to come. sad to see so many with little to no understanding. one thing is for sure, never will everyone be 100% satisfied and anything that is done will be better for some than for others. its thread after thread of pointless negativity. is a such thing as constructive criticism, most posts I've seen are not that. if you do not like it, don't play it... simple. overall keep up the great work NG!
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    top guilds are already maxed out on buildings and prolly have all legendary survivers, why would we in lower guilds, having fun together even bother to look at this unachievable goal? But thats life, The rich get richer and the poor get, well, nothing.
    Why don't you at least try to keep the normal players in the picture? New starting people need a boost, they have alot of catching up to do.
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    lots of ranting and raving.... this game is still new and lots of development is to come. sad to see so many with little to no understanding. one thing is for sure, never will everyone be 100% satisfied and anything that is done will be better for some than for others. its thread after thread of pointless negativity. is a such thing as constructive criticism, most posts I've seen are not that. if you do not like it, don't play it... simple. overall keep up the great work NG!

    Nicely said @Digitalbud

    Keep up the good good @Teeceezy , NG, and Developers. I absolutely love this game!!!!

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    @shabba I'm in STARS and personally I have 2 legendarys with only epic equipment. It's not all about the gear, it's how you use it. Leon was the only person I knew with a full group of legendarys. It's far from a common thing.
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    @shabba The best I have is a few epics, the rest is rare or worse. I had a legendary hunter once but he got zombified. My main team is 2 rare and 1 epic.
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    ok, i excuse myself then, i have a legendary warrior that goes up to 13 and a shooter that goes to 15, rest is epic.
    Just was reading about that dude that quit with his 10 legendary survivers made me think it was commen.
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    Why 3 top guilds will get rewards? It's simple because players of these guilds spent the highest amount of gold and this is how dev wants to say "thanks" for support.
    It's make a sense for me but other players can feel uncredited.
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    ..Yes but at the same time NG should be encouraging all players to compete by offering rewards at tiers and ranks so that way even though there's only a few guilds competing for top 3, guilds would still compete for the other ranks. 1 mil+ >80ish players
  • Rick_ZKRick_ZK Member Posts: 296
    Better rewards in chests would benefit more players. I do also believe that only top 3 gets gold is a bit cheap on their part.
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