Bundle Availability?

Since the update I have been confined to the small radio bundle for my only in-app purchase (besides the gold bundles)? 500 gold and 6 radios does very little for a level 46 player. I'm sure many others are having this very same problem. I've submitted multiple in game tickets for the past two weeks and still no response? It all started when I was offered the scarred veteran bundle after the update. Went to purchase it and it was conveniently no longer available. Any answers would be appreciated!


  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    My guess is if you've never bought a radio bundle before? Buy the small radio bundle then they will start offering the medium bundle, once you've bought those out after so many mediums, they will start offering the large radio bundle
  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
    I find radio bundles a waste of money. Especially since it seems radio calls in the last week after the update have been nerfed. I've only gotten level 14-15 max pulls. Seeing as I'm playing with level 17 players now, it's a total waste of effort.
  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    I think OP wants the weapon bundles not the radio bundles
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  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    I've actually had great radio pulls my last two were max lvl 18 epics
  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    @TroubleMan, players don't buy the radio bundles for the radios lol, but if u need gold for gas, or hospital bills or every other thing that we spend gold on, when you're out of weapon bundles & have nothing to purchase, the radio bundles are a way better offer then just buying the gold straight up.
    I'm in Canada so my price for 6500 gold is $69.99, so I'd rather buy the large radio bundle for $69.99 & get 30 radios & 8000 gold, don't need or want the radios but a bargain is a bargain lol
  • lmfgunnutlmfgunnut Member Posts: 1,636
    If you have ever bought a radio with gold, you will know that it cost 50. So the 30 radios you get with the big bundle could represent additional 1500 gold.
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  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    @lmfgunnut I agree & like I stated above, when you are out of bundles & need gold, are u going to buy the gold straight up from the store? Or wait for the radio pack & get an extra 1500 gold & 30 phones? They post radio packs every couple few days & im far from rich but like spending on a game I can enjoy, so if I got time & feel like playing for a couple hours straight, a tank of gas maybe gives u 10 mins or so? I'm always running out of gold for gas but I'm sure if I couldn't buy gas, I would have quit this game a long time ago, cause I'm very impatient when it comes to stuff like that lol
  • bunbun Member Posts: 161
    I bought the small bundle a last week hoping I would subsequently be offered a higher level bundle, but there has been nothing on offer since.
  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    @bun u need to buy a few before they start offering the bigger 1s, but once u buy 1 they all disappear, so once you've bought the small 1 so many times, the higher ones will start to appear when the offer comes up again. Idk if u refrain from buying frequently if they start to revert back from larger to smaller yet? But usually every couple or few days they pop up some time during the day or night for 8hrs
  • bunbun Member Posts: 161
    @PimpOfTheDead yes that has been my experience, but its probably been 10 days since I bought it, and have not had any bundles offered since.
  • Noprogamer16Noprogamer16 Member Posts: 38
    @deadwalking I had been getting both the large and small bundle offers roughly every other day until approximately 3 days ago. I've not gotten any bundle offers at all in 3 days. My bf is only getting the small radio bundles also. That's also been in the last 3/4 days.
  • MystiqueMystique Content Creator ❤️ Posts: 1,454
    Deadwalking is referring to the last bundle being offered was the scarred veteran one, then that disappeared and hasn't been offered any others (full supplies and weapon) like that since. Not meaning the radio bundles!
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