where is lucille gone?

A week ago I had 15000 of trade goods And Lucille was GONE!!! But a few hours later there she was again for a short while.. And now I had again 15000 and waiting for Lucille!! it's not fair that I cannot get it ehen I have the trade goods (and it's worser when I spend it and there she was again!!) I can not mail the game administrators about it, because I want it..


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    @Argonex Sorry bud, it was only available for like a month? They also said LAST CHANCE when they made it available again earlier this week.
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    Bruisers are pretty well useless (except in your Outpost) so I suggedt you take those 15k TG and open 30 gold chests. A much better bang for your buck than a baseball bat with no special traits for a useless class of survivor (2nd only to the scout in the useless quotient).
  • ArgonexArgonex Member Posts: 2
    Thanks I missed the "last chance" I think.. I'm gonna invest in other things!! Thanks all you
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    You really didn't miss much with Lucille. Barbed wire graphic aside, you can get the same stats from other weapons.

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    ...Lucille? ^^'

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