Community Event Reward......

When I logged on this morning I saw I had a message , when I opened it it said Community event reward ,open now to claim . When I opened it ,it just took me to the gold shop and there was nothing to claim .......anyone else have this happen ?

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  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
    Yea I had the same issue... Just like last time and last time I also lost over 600 phones and I sent a pic in to prove it and also told them to check and still haven't gotten them back and saving that many phones takes awhile and a lot of gold from opening boxes so hopefully they will fix that issue for me soon enough but we'll see what happens...
  • pwyattpwyatt Member Posts: 3
    38 minutes and still can't collect, not very good
  • YaxirYaxir Member Posts: 38
    i never GOT NO REWARD !
    and im a new player !

    damn ... this is BAD :@ !
  • pwyattpwyatt Member Posts: 3
    Well I'm not gonna spend no more money if I can't get my free rewards
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