Next update with XP fixes

Any idea on a time frame for the next major update that will include these fixes? People are quitting this game rapidly due to the huge imbalance of the games economy. Not asking for an exact date but at least give us a time frame so people can ease their minds a little before they cut bait and run.


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    I am 32lvl player.. Seeing huge imbalance in Further updated.. I m thinking to leave
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    I'm 46 and believe me it's pain in the ass. Long time I didn't upgrade anything and I don't care...just waiting for update.
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    +1. I have tons of great gear that I have no chance of ever upgrading at the present time. Or have we all just been baited into the "free" game on the basis that the economy was a reasonable one, and then have it switched after we are hooked so we need to pay to continue or dump the game. I am becoming disenchanted with things. No new story episodes in months, and my game crashes constantly as it seems the ipad2 is no longer being supported.
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    If they were really planning to fix the economy, it wouldn't cost 3.5 mil to upgrade a building with this recent release. This won't get any better. They are continuing on with the trend that should be completely clear to them is a problem, and they are doing it on purpose. I just want to finish what is available as it is so I can quit. But seeing that some of the nightmare missions (episode 12 and 13 ) start at walker lvl21 and lvl22, I know it won't be possible without going through more upgrades, which I just am not willing to intentionally pursue. So I'm out as soon as I finish nightmare episode 11, if I even finish that. They killed this game with their greed.
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    The best thing to do is to go to the Play Store and leave your honest reviews. Maybe they only acquired the licensing rights for '15/'16 and are planning to suck it dry, kill it off and leave it for the buzzards. Absolutely horrible dev team, one I won't forget and will avoid like the plague in the future. The took the most exciting show on tv and made a tedious mess of the game. That takes zero talent, just huge egos and massive greed.
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    Thanks for the feedback @eetu. The amount of boring grinding required to update a single level 17 survivor to level 18, and their weapon and armor to level 21 which takes over 6 million XP, is rediculious. It would be even worse if you folks had not lowered the cost of the level 20 to 21 upgrade. Looking forward to an adjustment in the next update, sooner rather than later. Thanks again for listening.
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    I understand that we don't change survivors often so high training cost is fair but gear we want to change really often because we have shit lot of it. It is fun when you can jingling with your gear but keeping one because you can't upgrade more is frustrating...
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    The most annoying is retiring a level 17 of 17 and then having to retrain a 10 out of 19 or whatever that is. Make the radio call out new replacement survivors that start at 16 or 17 regardless of stars. And enough has been said about the equipment XP.

    Stop forcing grinding and actually make the game interesting. You guys need to do this fast. With the show in hiatus you will be losing players faster than ever

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    eetu said:

    We are in it for the long haul, and we want the game to be an enjoyable experience for the fans. We know there are several problems with the game as it stands, but we are working towards rectifying and balancing things. We are not sticking our fingers in our ears and telling ourselves that it's all great. Nothing can please everyone, but we want to please as many of you as we can.

    Obviously the economics is a dividing point because you want money and we want to spend less. Understandable there isn't an easy solution.
    But the auto center gimick that everyone has voiced displeasure about, and doesn't affect the bottom line, seems like is falling on deaf ears.

    I did not, nor could I have created this game. But I can play it if I enjoy it and every day I feel less enjoyment from it.
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    This is a potentially terrific game. The bones are there and need fleshing out with tweaks here and there - those that have been remarked on enough times so I won't repeat them.
    I think when the problems and economy are sorted out, this could be one of the best games ever. It's getting there slowly - it's certainly improved in the time I've been playing it (around 8 months).
    @eetu Keep up the good work and carry on with the inprovements.
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