Dear Next Games, please help

Dont take this message the wrong way, i am a lvl 48 player so i have been playing a while, im in a guild that makes atleast 3200 per challenge so we get a lot of rewards. Im writing you to let you know i am getting bored, more so as weeks go by. I dont want to not want to play the game but there needs to be more involved with it. A separate car with separate fuel for separate missions and challenges might help. It should be easy to do as you could just separate the exploration missions from the normal episodes and maybe add more to them. I would really like to be able to play more than 11 minutes which is what it takes to finish all six maps in a challenge on average. Then that would leave me with enough gas to do a raid but doing the raid will only make it take longer for fuel to be able to play missions again. I know you guys are trying to figure something out, and multiple players are waiting for something to spice up the game a bit, my guild just had someone leave for glitches and the game not going anywhere. My last effort before quitting playing is going to be starting a guild where the main focus is for the weekend challenge as two challenges a week while appreciated for the opportunity to get extra rewards really dampers the chances of building up the camp, survivors, and gear. If it takes a week or more to upgrade one item then the game isnt all that fun, other games let you watch endless amount of advertisements for certain things, like csr racing (which is lame, but i gave it a try) lets you get a gallon of gas for each video you watch, some games like billionaire (which is also lame) lets you watch videos to shorten waiting times. I dont know what to suggest to really bring new life to this game, but this has been my favorite game for a while, and now at times i would rather wash dishes than play. I know you guys are trying to figure something out but please do so soon.


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    If you read the other threads; many are on the same boat as you. NG did say they are working on it and hopefully next update can shine light through your darkness
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    @KaLi i have read some of the other threads on this situation, thanks for your reply, and as there are similar threads this thread is mostly a note to ng so they know what im feeling with the game, the more they see of this type the more they will want to do something i hope. I really do hope something is done soon, this game has become like groundhog day, when it use to be so much fun, i use to look forward to playing the game, now it has become an after thought mostly
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    I was at the same point, even had started a guild like you suggested (appropriately named part-time elders) but a group found me that had a similar outlook on the game, so I joined them. There is a good thread going right now from sleestak about this issue,, and it may be worth getting involved in that. Unfortunately this game isn't rewarding for high level players, and it's been a topic for the last 5 updates, but NG isn't doing much about it. I wanted the game to be fun again, and so far the new guild has made a difference in me liking the game again and not feeling like it's an obligation to waste my time and gas on pointless stuff.
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