Query re recruitment and upgrading of survivors

I've found I am spending too much money upgrading survivors and then finding better ones. Essentially I thought that epic and legendary were the best and I should focus on upgrading them? However I have since found that I have recruited uncommon survivors with much higher maximum potential levels - for example my epic hunter only goes up to max 9 but my rare hunter goes up to 11. Before I waste even more money upgrading I just wondered if anyone knows if there is a benefit of the epic / legendary above the others when there level isn't as high. And also how the number of stars next to them comes into play?



  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    kellylou, it will depend on the difference in lvl between the two as well as the traits(special abilities ) they have.

    Legendaries gain four traits. the 1st 2 are 10% and the second 15%. .
    Epics gain 3 triats with the first 2 at 10% and the 3rd at 15%.
    Rares also gain 3 traits first 2 at 5% the 3rd at 10%.
    Uncommon gain 2 traits each at 5%
    Common I can't recall, but I am guessing 1 trait at 5%.

    Not all survivors even those that are the type. same class have the same traits. So look at those as well and see which have the traits you desire more,

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    Thank you slayersect
  • pullfrontpullfront Member Posts: 156
    All survivors will eventually become superfluous, so only invest in the survivors that you need to operate at the capacity you desire.
    Thank you all for making this game so fun!
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    When it comes to stat, epic and legendary got a higher base stat if you compare it to rare, uncommon, common which has the same level as them. But we all know, max stat is our basis of who to keep and who to retire.. anyway, im glad i got a legendary scout early in the game with max level of 12. He helps me alot during my low level times..

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