Is there a reason to how you name your survivors

I have switched to stats as a name so i can know what survivor can do what to which type of walker/savior

With this being my highest level hunter the name is 1H for #1 Hunter followed by 1308 for Damage and 1203 for Health
Makes it easier for me so if there is a certain level walker i know who to use or if one has to take a hit i know who can afford to do so
Interested to see if anyone else uses any type of strategy in their naming


  • DrPsychedelicDrPsychedelic Member Posts: 177
    I name them by number according to strenth. Eg. Warriors= W1, W2... Hunters= H1, H2..etc
  • tunkytunky Member Posts: 538
    Just a thought i might remove the 1H and then try to do a letter for traits
  • LydiaLydia Member Posts: 167
    I love that idea !!
  • tunkytunky Member Posts: 538
    Haha @DrPsychedelic that is how i had them before doing this, i thought of naming them this way a couple days ago then i forgot
  • tunkytunky Member Posts: 538
    @Lydia thanks, so far it is helping me out a good bit, i never remember their stats so while im in a mission i can see who i need to use for which walker
  • LydiaLydia Member Posts: 167
    I've had the same issue remembering.. Really great idea will really help :#
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 2,344
    For some strange reason I want them all to have names that begin with different letters of the alphabet. Thank goodness I only have 24 player slots open :o


    [Deleted User]
  • tunkytunky Member Posts: 538
    @DarkFae that's a list alright

    @Lydia glad to be of service
  • tunkytunky Member Posts: 538
    Here is what it looks like in game

  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    But you'd need to change their name every time you change their gear.
    I don't have that much good gear to go around. My people have to share.

    I just name mine what I think they look like.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,709
    I assign a Game of Thrones house to each class (e.g., Warriors = Targaryens, Hunters = Starks, etc.), and then name my survivors after GoT characters within the respective house :)
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  • tunkytunky Member Posts: 538
    @Dale i have plenty of gear so only need to update their name as i upgrade gear, now i dont have plenty of legendary gear but i should be done leveling my walkers in a couple weeks then i can focus on legendary crates

    @JayZ interesting, who is tywin lanester
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
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    I name mine based on how they look to me. My warrior in the blue shirt that looks a lot like Glenn I named Chopstix. My shooter with the dark sunglasses I named Shades.

    @tunky, Tywin Lanester got shot while dropping a deuce, by his vertically impaired son, with a crossbow he stole from the bastard king.
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,523
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    My method is also very scientific and based in logic and statistics (NOT). :D
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  • grumblegeekgrumblegeek Member Posts: 45
    I name mine after Rick and Morty characters. My outpost defenders are Wubba, Lubba, and Dubdub
  • tussnuts2016tussnuts2016 Member Posts: 23
    Slap Shot Characters Ogie Ogalthorp, Ned Braden, Reg Dunlop, Denis Lemieux
  • KeyserSoze2KeyserSoze2 Member Posts: 19
    Bourbon producers..... not over thinking it here :-)
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    Love that movie @tussnuts2016!
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,709
    tunky said:

    @JayZ interesting, who is tywin lanester

    @tunky my leg shooter ;)
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  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Personally, I enjoy coming up with either fun names or what I feel they look like, but I get your method. The lack of available in-game info on your survivors is lame. Numerical health would be a starter, that red bar is inadequate.

    Aside from health & damage, I like to know which guy has the interrupt weapon and each survivor's dodge chance (including luck). Could even throw iron skin in there. Like you said, so you can choose who takes the hit. Not that I'm expecting all that info on the avatars. In the meantime, I just have shit written down for reference
  • AzBewbsAzBewbs Member Posts: 159
    Mine are based on looks and for laughs. My number 1 hunter is Hank Hill and I got a shooter that passes for Peggy Hill. One assault I have is Mamalickabooboo and so on and so forth :smiley:
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