It's time for a Gas Factory

How about a gas factory we can built up to produce extra gas?
Current gas times and only 2 more gas each upgrade am im level 51 blows!
23 gas ..please.
Refraining from cussing.
We need twice what we are currently getting, Thoughts?
Agreed. ..


  • SatsloaderSatsloader Member Posts: 69
    Agreed. Gas is the only thing keeping me from playing more often. I'm not paying for gas...broken pay to play system fails the player base.
  • DakaminDakamin Member Posts: 109
    Maybe the Gas Factory can be a corn field and biofuel production :) ( hemp produces better fuel than corn but I doubt we'll see a hemp farm on NML )
  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    im rite with ya there @DonnieWaLkNDeAd im lvl 51 also can only do 3 runs every few hours is just plain wrong we should have enough gas to do all 6 challanges at once before needin gas again
  • DonnieWaLkNDeAdDonnieWaLkNDeAd Member Posts: 115
    Something needs to be done, Thought a gas factory to help produce additional gas is a good idea.
  • DonnieWaLkNDeAdDonnieWaLkNDeAd Member Posts: 115
    Currently 5 gas per mission.(level 19) 6 missions X 5 gas, should have a 30 can gas tank, right?
    We need a secondary source of gas like a gas factory we can build and level up.
    Hope the developers read this.
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,525
    Yes @TroubleMan a tacobell would be great and why not a samsung factory?
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  • JunkmasterJunkmaster Member Posts: 35
    edited May 2016
    I think the way it should works is as you upgrade your Mission Car it reduces the 10 minute timer for +1 gas by say 10 seconds, so at level 7 would take 9 minutes or something like that. Not sure if a new structure that just produces gas is realistic, suppose if its bio-diesel might be doable, but lots of water and chemicals are still needed.

    I had an idea for Auto Missions which are like little mini-missions for your unused/lower level survivors to do on foot and one of them is a Transport(Gas) mission that would be a way to farm more gas but not be too powerful.
  • YaxirYaxir Member Posts: 38
    AGREED !
    they should NOT limit us ! just go look at Dungeon Boss .. you can basically WIN energy in the game AND you can ALSO BUY energy 2 times per day WITH IN GAME CURRENCY !
  • Ace750Ace750 Member Posts: 6
    Yes, MORE GAS PLEASE!!! The game is not much fun anymore because of having to wait so long for gas.
  • DakaminDakamin Member Posts: 109
    edited May 2016
    @Yaxir You CAN win gas in NML - from crates. And you CAN buy gas with in game currency - gold.

    That being said, I too want more gas & playtime.
  • YaxirYaxir Member Posts: 38
    @Dakamin , while you are absolutely right ... i think GOLD qualifies as premium currency , that can be had mostly with cash. they give u quite the small scraps for in game tasks.
    the winning thing is legit but unreliable , in DB , you are GUARANTEED to win energy !
  • JunkmasterJunkmaster Member Posts: 35
    I would like to see them make it where you can buy gas per 2g instead of making you fill your tank up which is actually a negative to upgrading your Mission Car past a certain point. There are alot of times I would only like to buy enough gas to just do 1 more mission and not have to plunk down 30 gold. Just add a click box for how many gas you want to buy, or put an option to just buy enough to do current mission.
  • DukargDukarg Member Posts: 16
    Or they could just increase the amount of Gas you get as you level your Mission Car. Instead of being 2 per upgrade, it would be progressively more and more. Ex. 2 then 3 then 4 etc... Honestly I wish they would just do that instead. Encourages you to level it way more than that lame 2 per.
  • AoratosArxiAoratosArxi Member Posts: 67

    I need more gas to raid more of you clowns

    FIX the shield bug and the matchings
    Some cam raid all the time.

    Neegan you inspired me,

    We are the outpostjunkiesteam
  • ReinRein Member Posts: 27
    edited May 2016
    I spent 2000 gold on gas over this past weekend event, easy. I'm not bragging or proud of it, just saying... it's ridiculous that you only get to play three or four times every two hours because of gas, and the cost, even though it was recently reduced from 4 to 2, is laughable. Other games are balanced much better, such as Into The Dead. There are far better ways to put limits on your game than to flat out keep people from playing it. When I was spending gold on gas, I played for hours and still didn't get jack squat accomplished, so it's not like people are going to blow through the game over the weekend if gas prices/times are changed.

    At the very least you need a Gas Station, a place to do something, like watch a video, in trade for guaranteed gas, not a simple chance at it like the drive-in provides.
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  • Randy78Randy78 Member Posts: 46
    hell yeah!!
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