Finally, a Legendary! Good news, bad news???

Got my first legendary, a scout. Yay!! I was psyched til I saw he was only at Lvl 5. It's going to take a lot of xp & time to bring him up to Lvl 9/10 where all my other survivors are. My radio tent is Lvl 5, training at Lvl 9. Legendary doesn't max out til Lvl 15 so he's worth keeping but, dag - kind of a mixed blessing. Everyone else I've gotten started at a much higher level relative to my other players. Is there some rhyme or reason to this or is it just random? I'm on Ep 8, Player Lvl 26 almost 27. My last radio call netted me an epic warrior, Lvl 7, max 15. What gives - anyone??


  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    Yeah that sounds about right.

    The starting lvld for common/uncommon and rares always see to be higher lvl than the epics and leg.

    It will cost a lot of XP, but it will be well spent. Congrats.

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    Hmmm this is the tragedy. Spending the tons of exp on upgrading the survivors. A better idea would be that the survivor should start from the average level of survivors you have on your roster
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