Healing glitch?

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Ive noticed if after i horrible fail a level (all 3 critically wounded), and i would have to wait over 2 hours for all 3 to be healed, if i go to my home screen for a while and load it back up it says all survivors have no injury. Not sure if I lost track of time, but could be very usefull


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    It just means you waited the 90+ min before returning to the game.

    Before the last update, I had hoped this would counteract losing my 3rd star. At that time it was impossible to know if you got 1-2-3 stars because it always showed 3. So I finished a 2-star challenge, left, came back 2 hours later. It showed no injuries, but only gave 3 stars.

    If anyone knows of a way this could benefit you, please share
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