free chests vs. bought chests

Hey. Just something i asked myself:

Is it possible that in the three chests you can buy for the incredibly price of 25 gold (why is it so expensive btw?) after a mission the reward is much better than in the chests you get for free? I never buy them but maybe someone does and can tell us?! Or the mods here? (Sorry if this was allready a topic somewhere here?).

Thx, schmuls.


  • IMHO the only reason to buy a chest is if there are one or more gold tickets you could not find using your first 3 picks and you are in desperate need of something. The ticket count tells you how many valuable chest there are to find each time and if you dont pick well enough to find them then the option to buy 3 more chances is available and/or the options to watch a video (sometimes).
  • No @DarkFae

    The order of chest is already determined when the map loads. No matter how you pick, the outcome is the same.

    If the game says there are gold/silver tickets available then they are there to be found. If someone picks in a pattern that does not locate and open them then at least one more chance to look is provided because the video option isn't always given.
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    directly from OldGoth's mouth....or keyboard from thread you provided

    "You have it figured out already, but let's be clear: we roll for your rewards when you launch the mission. Then it's up to you how many you open.

    The rolls, including the order you're going to get, are fair. We would never lie on the amount of silver and gold boxes available, or game the order they're given out to get you to spend more. (We do rig the very first drop in the tutorial to introduce how the rewards work.)

    The awards have to be rolled for, and their opening order set, when you commit your resources (gas, survivors) by launching the mission; we can't have you cheating the system by cutting your connection and trying again until you get the rewards you'd prefer. Only fair this way."
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    If you earn the correct one(s) on the first try you dont need more chances. Being picked as a free pick or a paid for with gold pick doesn't determine the value of a chest. That is the point I made and you argued with.
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    I will on occasion spend the gold but only on high lvl missions with gold tickets in the hopes of getting some nice legendary gear.

    Haven't gotten that gear yet, but I am hoping.

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    @outofbox00 is correct, the order picked (top left, middle, top middle) would give you the same reward if you picked (bottom right, right middle, top right).

    To test this: Just before completing a mission (on iOS) slide up to activate "airplane mode". Pick 3 boxes, exit game, force close TWD/NML, turn OFF airplane mode, and start the game again. You will find your game just before ending the mission. Repeat the steps above by going into airplane mode and pick 3 DIFFERENT boxes. They will be the exact same rewards as before.

    Doing this makes you lose any chance of watching a video for three more picks FYI. Only benefit I see with this is fleeing the mission to try for a different reward at the cost of gas + injury.
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    I just pick chests, I dont cheat but if the game creators tell me its not rigged then I believe them.
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    Whatever, you need to be right more than to answer the question, then Im done with the conversation. See you next go around since you want to follow me around and contradict everything I say.

    I must have been having a bad day and agree with everyone that is stating that we were both correct and the issue was that we were taking each other's statements out of context.
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    I only do it if im looking for something. After I got my warrior i was trying hard to find a sword. And the one im using was from a bought chest. Its usually not worth it tho imo. I save my gold mainly to save time on healing
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    DarkFae's simple assertion from the start is correct.

    DarkFae was merely saying that if you have not found the Golden Tickets yet, you need to open more boxes. This is correct! She did not talk about which boxes tickets are hidden behind or their pre determinations

    Outofbox, your comment about the prizes being predetermined is ALSO 100% correct, the prizes are chosen as soon as you spend the gas to start the mission, but it was not what DarkFae was talking about. It's a seperate topic that she had not mentioned or referred too.

    No contradictions were made, you were just talking about two completely different things that sounded similar. The stalking word was never used and both of you got frustrated over a misunderstanding.

    Play nice! I think you're both awesome
    Thank you all for making this game so fun!
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    Say I end a mission and pick the three chests in the middle row.
    I don't like what I get.
    I disconnect and prevent the data from being sent.
    I then reconnect and pick again. This time I pick the three chests on the top row.
    The outcome will be *EXACTLY* the same.
    It does not matter, at all, which chests you choose.
    The *ORDER* in which the chests are presented to you is predetermined at map load.
    That means, there are gold chests you can ONLY get by spending 25g because they will be among the last three cards on the table, and only within reach by watching an ad, and then spending gold, or just spending 50g to get to them.
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    Yes, but you're getting hung up on semantics.

    Her point is just that if you're lucky enough to
    get the gold tickets given to you straight away, there is no need to pick anymore boxes.
    She further explains that there are good tickets on the side to indicate how many are contained with the selection of 9 chests. When she refers to the selection mattering, she is specifically just discussing whether or not the tickets are obtained, not which chest is chosen. Very basic and 100% true, no need to argue.

    Your gone more advanced and discussed that the boxes you elect to choose are irrelevant as prizes are given in a pre-ordained order. So there is no luck involved as you dance your fingers across the screen and select three boxes - (and here I was always believing in the magic of choosing boxes using the numbers in Pi)

    She may have misinterpreted the experimentation being conducted by disconnecting as trying to cheat the system even though we all know it can't be cheated as they're predetermined.

    But, that was not her initial point which is still valid. As I pointed out earlier, she's not wrong and neither are you.
    Thank you all for making this game so fun!
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    @zoson You too, please read more carefully as it's quite frustrating.

    She knows this as she read the post from the Devs just like everyone else.

    It's not what she was talking about. She only referred to the tickets on the side being found or not.

    Well done everyone for trying to school her when she was just being helpful.
    Thank you all for making this game so fun!
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    From my understanding, the question here is "is the 3 chests you pay for gold gives better reward than the first 3 free chests?".. the answer is yes and no.. because what you will get is random. It is "rolled" when you start the mission. Meaning, what's inside the 9 chests is randomly selected when you start the mission, and the order you get them is also randomly selected at the start of the mission.. these means you could get the good stuffs at first pick or at last pick or at middle pick, depends on your luck when you start the mission.. And yes, "when you START the mission", that is when all the random selection happens.

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    1) Pick any 3 boxes (we should all know by now that the boxes you pick does not matter since the rewards are already pre-determined)
    2) If you're unhappy with what you have gotten from 1), open 3 more boxes using either the free video option or pay 25 gold.
    3) If you're still unhappy with what you have gotten from 2), open the remaining 3 boxes using either the free option or pay 25 more gold.
    4) If you have completed all 3 steps, you will be guaranteed to receive what is indicated on the right of your screen.

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    I have used the option to open more chests with gold extensively.

    - Whatever you get in the chests is totally of the same quality you get normally. Also distribution etc.
    - I feel opening guaranteed gold chests with gold is the best use of it unless you are into outfits. Keep in mind though any "good" item you get now will be outdated in a fast pace due to devs just adding more lvls to everything. For example, lvl 14 min rare item is of equal value vs. lvl 12 min legendary item.
    - One aspect bothering me is how the game decides when to offer ad unlocks. I know for certain there is some maximum amount of ad unlocks that refresh every 12 hours but then the game does not always give you the option to use an ad unlock even if it should be available (you should be saving ad unlocks for gold chest finds). I don't know if there is some logic to when the game offers you ad unlocks or whether it is totally random.
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    I think when you see the theatre blinking "cinema", and you start a mission/challenge, the ad unlock will be available after you finish the mission/challenge.

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    That i noticed isnt allways the case @AysatyoPet. Seems like the cinema isnt connected to a free video option.

    Thx to all the other replies. Seems like i was wrong and just as unlucky with gold stuff as everyone else. ;)
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    Reading on the outside I could see they were both confused about what each was saying and they both seem right.
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    To reiterate: gold spend has no effect on the quality of loot dropped. You just get to open more boxes.

    Cinema and reward screen ad viewing are separate. Both are limited to a certain number of views per hours.
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    i got twice a day couple of views for both, like 5 or 6. both seems not be related to each other.
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