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I am not here to bitch about my phone pull results, I now have 1 more legendaries than I started the day with (0-->1)

I want to make some suggestions on balancing of characters so that all the classes can be used.
Bruiser - should have the following traits, similar to the big Zombies - Stun Resistant and around 2X HP (upper levels should have 1000+ HP). Do that, and you have something that can be used.
Scouts - Should be able to move at least 2 more spaces per turn (1 per half turn). 4 more spaces would even be a better use. Additionally, brainstab should do 4X damage (1000+)

A lot less complaining about unplayable characters if you can actually use them.
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    A few more comments...
    The shooter is too powerful.... the whole take out 5 things with 1 shot is why everyone only uses them.
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    You must be talking about hunters. A shooter can only kill one walker per shot.
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    ya ya.... hunters are overpowerful...
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    012_man said:

    ya ya.... hunters are overpowerful...

    You are right, the hunter class is one of the more coveted ones around here but unfortunately they don't work too well against armored walkers :smile:

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    @012_man actually the hunters are great but in a lot of cases are under powered, with all due respect I'm not sure what level your camp & survivors are currently? To be able to make these assumptions, but a lot of players use a wide variety of survivor combos, even though I'm a hunter & shooter guy lol, but also use variety on some missions
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    I think your suggestions are good. If Bruisers are intended to be Tanks (like in an MMO world), their HP needs to be very high, stun resistent, etc. It's fair to keep their own damage output low, though, as it's not a dps-class. Scouts are a lost cause, so some nifty ability would be the only saving grace...maybe some type of 'stealth' where they cannot be detected by enemy for a turn, or the extra grid movements you mentioned, would be nice.

    Hunters are great, but not overpowered. Armored walkers can be their kryptonite, as with any 'ranged' class. Plus the maps have lots of walls/corners where Hunters still need tread carefully to avoid getting swarmed when turning a corner, etc.
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    Someone recently suggested, might have been @lmfgunnut , that scouts get a new charge ability called killing spree. If the scout kills a walker, he gets an extra movement turn to attack another one that's nearby.

    And if that's also a kill, he gets another, so he can take out a whole group.

    I really liked that idea. Obviously needs to be tuned so it doesn't get too powerful.
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    @ggbats I like the way you think after all their scouts with stealth lol hunters are loud stand up and blast away easily located their not snipers that hide in ambush lol yes I love it they should be 100% more elusive lol. HEY THEY ARE VERY ELUSIVE IN MY CAMP CANT LOCATE A SINGLE ONE lol
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    @TheLostOnes wasn't my suggestion but I liked it and expanded on it some.
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    Scout needs BUFF
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