Question about forum rules on foul language.

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Since I could never get any type of help from a forum moderator when sending them private messages :/ , I'll guess I'll ask here. What are the forum rules on foul language or word/filter dodging on the forum? Is it reportable/bannable? I understand this is a Mature rated game but I'm just wanting to know what's allowed and not allowed on these forums since the forum rules page didn't specify (unless I somehow overlooked it). I belong to other forums for other Mature rated games but they are pretty strict with that type of stuff and it's not allowed so you always have to make sure you follow their rules or else. Thank you for any help given!


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    @Shoog I've never been edited for foul language. I've been edited and told to keep it 'clean' but that of course is subjective.

    What are your concerns? Generally people get banned for being toxic or hate speech or specifically targeting another player. However, being 'toxic' is again, subjective.

    There was a language filter in the game which was removed after a few weeks due to blacklash (my assumption).
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    Shouldn't be any rules. It's the friggin' apocalypse.
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    @jester friggin? Really? You can do better.
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  • I was banned for expressing my opinion with no foul language or verbage directed at anyone in particular. However if you express your unhappiness with NG's ability to give you satisfaction they consider you toxic and your out.
    Damn, did it again. Oh well.
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    Oh.. I'm still worried about the chances to be banned for my self celebration of the capybara milestones...
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    I was raised to treat people in business or friendship how one would like to be treated.

    No comment.
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    In my experience, people get in trouble when they approach forums with the attitude "it's just the internet; it's not like real people are involved so I don't have to act in a civilized person".

    Well, real people are involved so treat everyone here the way you would like to be treated and you should be okay.
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    Aargh. Me maties. Swab my poop deck.
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    Thank you for the replies. I hope I'm not necroing my thread by posting this late (I apologize if so); been srsly busy with college this month. From what I gather from the replies, it seems that these forums are a bit more laid back compared to other forums that I belong too and def not as strict. :)
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    Unless you derail a thread. That is bad.
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  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    what's more important is "attitude". Some people are used to saying bad words as just an expression.. like WTF! its just an expression.. But some people, although they dont say bad words, they are still mean to other people. Toxic. I think this is why the rules dont specify which words are toxic and which are not. You can say bad words without being toxic.. and you can also be toxic without saying any bad words. It all comes down to attitude, how you say something, or how you react to something is what will define if you are being toxic or not. i think,,,

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