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    @JVC_TWD Grimey has no idea who you are lol
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    This thread has turned...

    A lot of anger is generated by this game... ( errr NextGames, do ya understand why... )
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    Stop being butt hurt, all ur pictures look stupid btw. U also have the free will to not be a human dildo but most people on here choose the opposite. Cindy is awesome so anyone who talks shit to her can go fuck themselves! Peace bitches

    lolol human dildo? I'm dying! hahahahaha :lol::lol:
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    Japes87 said:

    I wouldn't let the reason you guys did this get lost in a poo-slinging war with other forum members. It kinda takes away from the credibility factor. .. back on point , we now have to work twice as hard to earn half the rewards while spending more precious gas to do so.. carry on ?

    completely agree
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    it's hard not to laugh at the totally unexpected phrase human dildo when it popped up on my screen tho lol
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    Thank you @Japes87
    We had no intention of it turning this way. The true readonly of this thread is to make the game a fair and fun one again for the higher level dedicated players of all guilds. Can we please bring it back on track.
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    CindyLou " that " was what I wanted to be, after puberty attacked me as a young man...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    Let's be civil and keep the discussion civil. This will be the only warning.
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    lmfgunnut said:

    So wait...You guys are quitting because of my chart? Have you played through the challenge already? I did, yesterday. It wasn't so bad. Spread over 5 days it will actually be pretty decent.

    They do need to adjust the rewards, but I'm sure they will. They won't let this kind of reaction go on too long before fixing it.

    As a software developer, I can say that constructive criticism is much better received than tantrums, which is basically what has been going on today on these forums. Don't just shout for them to fix it, offer suggestions for how they can fix it. I suggested a 25% modifier to TG to keep the TG/Gas ratio the same as the old system. That is something solid they can take to their planning meetings and discuss.

    I'm sure some of the guilds up there in the ultra competitive guilds will enjoy the reprieve you're offering though.

    Yes, we had someone play through so we could see what we were dealing with and we determined that it wasn't worth it to continue playing them. This isn't a temper tantrum, we simply aren't going to play the challenges. We didn't come to it lightly. Some of our members have top global scores. The reason we are saying anything at all is bc we are a top global guild/s and wanted to explain why we quit and see if anyone wanted to join us. We will resume them again when and if the tg rewards are fixed, but until then it's a waste of precious time and too many low level missions to be fun and challenging enough to justify the massive amount of time spent getting to a level where you get anything from doing the challenges (unless you want to rush and spend gold). We've been down this road before. We've played for a month where the leaderboards were screwed up, we played through a month of rollbacks, glitched maps, and we played for two months of the same stuff while they prepared outposts and neglected the game, we've waited and played and waited and waited. We are still waiting on xp fix.

    Lol, I'm sure the other guilds will enjoy not having us around, and if you guys want to play the challenges that's fine. We just think it's better to do other things in the game until they get this sorted out and the more people that stop playing the faster they'll actually get to it, because we all know complaining does nothing. We think that if NG will fix it then we and everyone else will be better off by not playing the challenges until they do because we will all get better rewards, more xp, and more trade goods for the gas otherwise. If they don't the challenges aren't worth sticking around for alone. We were just seeing if anyone else wanted to join us and explain why we aren't participating right now.
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    He isn't on the forums. I hope you aren't implying that I am Grimey.
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    My sentiments exactly! I can't believe , ( here we go again!) WTH is he doing back ? :/
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    He isn't back. Guys, keep that stuff off this thread, please.
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    He's still reading.
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    OMG! He owns the threads now! Lol @jester , we better leave, I'm scared! :o
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    The point is, there are no illegal alters and he isn't posting or having conversations with anyone. There is no need to smear someone with that kind of vitriol who isn't able to respond and hasn't posted on the forum in six months.
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    Yeah and what kind of a person would feel the need to send others into a forum where they and their trouble making are clearly not welcome to make grand, sweeping statements on their behalf? This IMO is like donald trump sending Omarosa over to the UK to go find the Mayor of London and the Prime Minister and tell them what "the donald" thinks about what they have recently stated about him.
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    No @CindyLou I think @DarkFae is implying that @jester, @SlickRick and @masmith93 are all actually grimey.

    Wait... What if I'm grimey?

    I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids >:)
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    Wait. Who is this Grimey. Should I delete my account now? Is he coming here? What does he have to do with people striking from their challenge duties?
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    lmfgunnut said:

    Wait. Who is this Grimey. Should I delete my account now? Is he coming here? What does he have to do with people striking from their challenge duties?

    Still trying to figure that out. I think it's people who are mad that can't fight with "him" anymore?
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