Challenge structure suggestion/rant

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How about having 2 day challenges with a day off in between. Based on the previous reward structure, but with the 30 min cool down.
One week we would have 2 days with no challenges, the next we would have 3 days with no challenges.
This would be great for the hardcore and paying players to earn lots of stars, and rewards.
It would also let players who want to be slightly more casual to do so and still benefit from rewards from their guild.

As with this new structure, im not really concerned with the challenge, the rewards from level 18 tomato, xp, and deadlies far outweigh the rewards from the challenges. Gas cost for exploration missions needs addressed as @Amiga has mentioned, gas and xp accrual needs addressed as just about everyone has mentioned.

Next Games, we hope you appreciate the time people spend typing suggestions and problems they have with the game, it should show you that people really like the game, and we're trying to give you suggestions and the opportunity to fix it, so you can keep receiving our money if we are paying customers, i know you will make money any way it goes, but it doesn't seem the players who have been playing for months are respected all that much. For new players that will have not experienced a difference sure it will be fine for them, but for the long time players who have turned out to basically be beta testers there should be some type of reward that is more than say full xp, or gold, or something. You guys have created a stressful and at points a hostile environment for your players. You have made a great deal of money, especially our money and we have dealt with multiple issues, so that kinda feels like a slap in the face that we have given you our money and we get more issues, repetition, and less rewards. Now being that we have given you our money and delt with multiple issues i would ask and suggest that we receive a mega bundle as a gift from next games in the form of (legendary weapon and armor for each class, an outfit for each class, full xp, full tomatoes, 10,000 trade goods, 5000 gold, and a couple free fuel tank fill ups available through the in game store) yes that is a good bit of stuff but you have been using us as paying beta testers, which is how i feel and perception is reality, and that isnt cool. So im going to @Teeceezy @eetu and i hope this is taken into serious consideration, because you have taken peoples money and used them to help you figure out the issues while not really giving them any thank you, and with considering all the issues, glitches, and now the nerfed reward system, it would be nice for next games to give something to the players that doesnt actually cost you money but could help improve players enjoyment and loyalty to the game. I dont want to quit pkaying this game, this is my favorite game on android, im really trying to find a way to hold on, i want it to be fun again, please consider what your player base has gone through, and feelings they are going through, a little extra appreciation never hurt anyone. End of rant, thank you. I really hope this is considered.


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    This sounds interesting tunky but as a former guild leader (yes I realize that you have ran and are currently running a guild yourself) most of my ex-members told me that they would like to go back to the longer weekly challenge much like we have now so that they can have time to catch up if RL pulled them away from the game for a day or two and also benefit from some scheduled time off from the star grind to play other portions of the game and /or grind for Xp/Supplies.

    That being said IMHO I feel that if crate pay-outs were adjusted then what we have now can work out much better than it has so far. Also maybe some sort of system that would allow the lower level part of the star grind to be skipped over so that higher level players can get to the more useful reward pages more quickly would also help alleviate many issues as well. That way anyone that likes the grind can grind but others who have tired of it can access the parts of the challenge they like the most more quickly.
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    @DarkFae yea i dont carefor the grind or farming that much anymore, now before when i farmed 9.3 for an hour or so then i was able to upgrade something, that was great, but now i would have to farm 9.3 for at least 6 hours straight to upgrade one item, that just isnt fun to me, i think next games should do polls for the changes they will implement so the players can vote on what they want
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    That sounds like a good idea it would give them a way to test new ideas on a portion of it's player base before implementation. I doubt they will do it but I like the idea.
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    @DarkFae no they wont do it, its just hoping
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