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I noticed that the game provides a visual indicator (!) when the weapon you have for a character may not be the best available in your inventory. But I haven't seen the same for Armor and I was just wondering how others choose between armor where you might have ones at different levels, different stars, etc.

For example, let's say I have the following two pieces of armor available for a Shooter:

a) level 9, 3 star, with an 81 defense and two traits active (struggles last longer, 10% chance of dodging)
b) level 10, 1 star, with an 82 defense and no traits active yet

When choosing armor, how much weight do you give the star level, or do you just always take the one with the highest defense score? And, do you logically add points when a piece or armor has active traits (e.g., in my example above, would you give 3 extra points per trait so really the 81 defense score is more like a 87?


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    My general rule of thumb is: don't keep 1-2 star armor or survivors, slowly weed them out as you get 3-4-5 star item/survivors. I don't even have 3 star stuff anymore.

    In your example, it's a no brainier - the lv9 3star with traits is better. If the HP is close, then go for the armor with better traits.
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    1st. Keep the 3 star and above armors.
    2nd. Use the highest level of armor you can upgrade and your survivors can use.

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    Keep rare and epic (and legendary) gear unless it is far below your survivor level, then scrap it. Scrap all common and uncommon gear unless you have no other gear. Once your survivor is maxed out, outfit them with matching level gear so they can wear gear three levels higher than their max level. Scrutinize all three attributes of the armour before upgrading. Not all attributes are worth it making upgrading the gear a waste of xp. Health boost (or all last attributes of all rare/epic gear and the last 2 attributes of legendary gear) as the final attribute of armour is the best as it yields the most of the trait but it depends on the survivor type what you want to give them a 'boost' of. Depending on how close the armour is to its new replacement, its up to you when you want them to wear it. Keep one extra set of gear for each survivor type so you can swap around if you want to between survivors (usually something cheap you get from a low level guild challenge). I go for level of gear and attributes, defense level helps but sometimes the attributes of lower level gear outweigh new gear without upgrades until you spend xp on upgrading them. I dont like wasting xp on gear that doesn't yield decent attributes. Its not an exact science but it takes some studying to make the best decisions for your survivors. Hope this helps.
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