Weapon shop with a weapon designer

(I feel encouraged by some likes for this idea in another thread.)

We have three bundles for hunter weapons today. But somehow everybody has better ideas for the traits.

I suggest shop with a weapon designer.

I want to see a popup where I can say what weapon class, stars, traits, optics, level and so on a weapon or jacket should have. Then I see the price, pay and play.

And please let a purchased weapon be upgraded to max. It is totally annoying to farm for hours for the 3 million (more or less) XP needed to get from level 18 to 21.


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    @SistersOfDaryl_Gaga Down with the idea...but the last part is a long shot. The cost for the upgrade you are seeking is 18,666 gold (not counting speeding up of time, which will be about 600 more. So over 19,000 gold, which if bought in the best bundle would cost you $118. Plus the cost of the rifle (10-15). Would you pay $130 for such a weapon? Lets say they offer a 50% discount on their current best pricing...would you pay $65 for such a rifle?
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    No one should pay for XP directly. You only get 150 XP for one gold.

    So with double XP this weekend you can easily farm about 250,000 XP per hour. If you invest money, you could play XP missions and make 1,800 XP per 1 gold. It takes about 1 hour to produce 1 million XP this way. To get a weapon from Level 18 to 21 costs quite exactly 2.8 million XP, which cost you about 3 hours lifetime and 1,550 gold. Or you just farm for no gold. Then it takes you about 11 hours of your life. Not talking about XP gained on the fly in challenges or produced in tents.

    I upgraded 3 weapons from 18 to 21 this weekend and invested about 4.600 gold for it.
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