Memorial - What's the point?

Every i fail on deadly mission, i only can see their name on the memorial room without get anything.

Do it's the good think if we get a special achievement for their last tribute?


  • TheSheriffTheSheriff Member Posts: 76

    No rewards for failure
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    The point of the memorial is to remind you of making dumb mistakes during gameplay ;-D. I actually got a hunter twice named Vincent, he died twice, I learned...
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  • FeleciaFelecia Member Posts: 340
    Yes @Dana - the memorial is so we can visit and keen and weep whilst being reminded that we once had a badazz legendary hunter.
  • SoyevSoyev Member Posts: 130
    @Felecia yup. I lost my legend Hunter trying to protect an epic Hunter, and then I had to sacrifice the epic anyway to allow my other epic Hunter to retreat. Dumb. I should have just retreated and sacrificed the epic when I realized things were going south and there would only be one name on the memorial

    I like when games keep lots of statistics so I like the memorial and more detail would be even better
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    Hmmm I have built the Memorial but so far its roster is empty as I don't take any unwanted risks. I have built my current brood of two legendary, two epic and three rare by using quite a few phones. So don't want to loose any. Now I have my sight set on the assault class.
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    I avoided building the memorial because it seemed like a waste of food. I accidentally killed an epic hunter in a deadly mission and was really frustrated over the whole incident. I decided to place the memorial and I open it periodically, it's kind of cool to have the stats there even if I just have the one survivor in it.
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  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    it is still a building so it will count towards your BP.

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