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Any tips on acquiring better high grade weapons


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    Just repeat farming deadly missions and get the gold chests there. With some patience you will find what you are looking for.

    Guild rewards and personal rewards during the weekly challenge were not really an option for me...instantly sold most of the crappy rewards.

    Good luck.

    Edit: I am sure one thread is enough for that question ;)
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    Imagine Merle with this
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    must... make... moar... threads!
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    I get my best weapons barely passing challenge missions 3 levels above my survivors. Because I only get 1 star, I get to try 3 times before it gets harder.
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    I agree with @thecolty,

    And while I won't complain, I tend to get LVL 16 to 18 gear with the same LVL Survivor required to use, which is impossible at the present time. I'd glady exchange one or even 2 of them for a Leg. 14/15.

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