New weapons

Could we not get new weapons like a crossbow, rocket launcher, hand/flash Grenade and flame thrower


  • SistersOfDaryl_GagaSistersOfDaryl_Gaga Member Posts: 164
    Flame Thrower is a very reasonable idea for a new weapon plus a new survivor class. I think everything that explodes is quite difficult to implement.
  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    I think any weapon seen in the show can be put in the game, ESPECIALLY a crossbow! I mean, one of the main characters of the show uses one! Why don't you want a crossbow?
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  • I'm all for the RC car, the crossbow and if the flame thrower doesn't take as long as the machine guns my assaults use, then I want one of those.
    Could be a ranged weapon that works on armored walkers.
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    I would hate to have a flamethrower, grenade or any other explosives that did not do damage to our survivors as well.
    The assault class is pretty borderline about it not hits our survivors although Abraham did well to shoot all the walkers around glenn earlier in the season.
  • OliverfelixOliverfelix Member Posts: 64
    Chainsaw maybe good in armored walker. A new class or new unique weapon for scout.
  • BloodyChainsawBloodyChainsaw Member Posts: 300
    Shotgun class!
  • Yote73Yote73 Member Posts: 7
    He sure would look good with a crossbow, don't you think?

  • TheguvernorTheguvernor Member Posts: 4
    Could we get clothes covered in blood so the zombies can't detect us.
  • chefin3chefin3 Member Posts: 284
    a cross bow isnt very different than the gun or sniper rifle. it can be made to go thru 2 walkers but not much difference than those other 2..a grenade carrying survivor would be great it can take out more than 1 walker or even a smoke grenade for those times we wish we could just sneak past a walker.a boomarang carrying survivor would be another good option.sometimes you have a walker in front and behind or on ur side so to use that weapon to take out 2 would be great..
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  • DevonshireDevonshire Member Posts: 1
    HI Guy
    This is my very first post on the forum , So I'm not sure if this has already been covered on this or a previous thread.
    Hand grenades, flame throwers and smoke bombs. The later be used as a fog of war twist in missions against Survivors.
    Also couldn't characters throw certain weapons ie axes and knives ( being used as a range weapon ) ? Anyway just a thought .

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