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    @WalkerBait1 some more than others me being in the some category I read another post this am in the dumbest in game thread. He posted clicked on a pic of a weapon then spent a couple of minutes tapping back until realizing it wasn't IN GAME lol I'm guilty of that ALOT LOL or watching the walk thru videos and and my finger swipes the screen like I'm in game lol
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    Omfg hilarious @Ovidmikel I'm dying here and only cause I do the same! Ok not only cause I'd still be laughing if I didn't. I just don't feel so bad now :D:D

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  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    @WalkerBait1 lol I got a good laugh too reading.someone else doing the same thing is hilarious and RELEIVING at he same time I guess lol I got many good laughs off that thread of the dumbest thing you've done because I have done most all those dumbest things lol
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