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The upcoming class changes are a GREAT step in the right direction, but I'd still like to see some more specialization in the classes that make them truly unique from one another, and more importantly, that make sense for the role. Adjustments to damage, range and movement are an excellent base, but I wish now that the core mechanics have been established, that we could start getting more creative. Some thoughts:

Scout: Fast and silent, the scout is the workhorse of your survivors' camp, and the key player in supply and exploration missions. Attacking does not end the scouts movement (if he/she had movement points remaining). After opening a supply cache, the scout is invisible to walkers for that walker turn. Scouts can open doors/gates in one less turn. Scouts have 1 extra movement square. Secondary charge ability: Now you see me- Scout becomes invisible to enemies until the beginning of the next turn but cannot attack. Reduce damage for the class.

Bruiser: Slow but strong, bruisers are your guardian angel in the field. Critical for crowd control scenarios or any run where taking some hits is inevitable. Bruisers move one less square than normal. Health increase for the class. Armor increase for the class. Bruisers damage and stun primary targets and slightly damage all adjacent targets. Bruisers heal very slightly at the end of each turn. Secondary charge ability: Save Yourselves - Bruiser is immune to damage for one turn. All walkers within range will prioritize the bruiser over other targets. The bruiser cannot attack this turn.

Hunter: The hunter is a long range combat expert. Equipped with a sniper rifle, a hunter can eliminate enemies before they ever get close. Increase damage, and unlimited range (assuming clear line of sight). Remove wide shot attribute on all hunter rifles (they can ONLY kill in a line - and penetration should be a weapon upgrade). Secondary charge ability: "I got 'em": The next enemy attacked is killed instantly, regardless of health or level. The hunter cannot attack on the following turn.

Shooter: Hit and run, the shooter can deliver ranged combat on the go, and with the right gear, can do it quietly. Shooters can move or attack in any order (i.e. a shooter can open a turn with an attack, and still move after). Shooter's guns can also be upgraded to accommodate silencers (always a third tier upgrade), permitting single target ranged combat without alerting the horde. Alternate charge ability: "Hero shot" - When the shooter attacks any walker engaged in a struggle with an allied survivor, that walker is instantly killed. Reduce health and armor for this class.

Warrior: Everyone knows someone that you just KNOW would survive the zombie apocalypse - these are those folks. A perfect balance of strength and speed, the warrior's best tools are their instincts. Warriors can use their two turns however they need. They can attack twice without moving, or move twice without attacking. If they don't attack on their second move, their movement range is doubled. When a warrior attacks a single target (no adjacent enemies in their attack cone), it is always a critical attack. Secondary charge ability: Warrior's instincts - The warrior cannot attack this turn, but reveals all walkers on the map.

Assault: Former military types (or weekend warrior wannabes), assaults have a battlefield presence and an understanding of tactics that allows untrained survivors to move as a well oiled unit. Assaults enter "overwatch" state at the end of every turn, regardless of movement points. Alternate charge ability: Retreat! - Allied survivors cannot attack this turn, but all survivors can move double their normal range.

These are just some thoughts I have on how to add some more fun and diversity to the character classes. Obviously, this would make for stronger survivors, and enemy strength would need to be adjusted accordingly, but would love for us to have more to do and play with - and most importantly, a good reason to keep a balanced roster. If you made it this far, thanks for reading!
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  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    Hey man, looks like you put some good thought into this, and I like it. But for those charge-abilities you proposed, did you factor in versus other humans/defenders...such as outpost dynamic? Maybe it would be good to give each class more than one type of charge ability and the player can choose which one to utilize. And for the Bruiser, I think you're referring to "pulling aggro" which would be great, i.e. bruisers attack that turn draws all walkers to him/her within a certain grid-region. not sure about the "immunity" to damage, though. Even tanks take damage, it's just their high HP and/or damage-reduction that makes it viable.
  • StarkenfastStarkenfast Member Posts: 11
    Hey Spaceman. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, admittedly, I don't play much outpost, so a lot of these suggestions haven't been fleshed out for that portion of the game. And yeah, my thought on the alt charge abilities would be for them to be an either/or in addition to the existing charge skills. [once you have charge, you can do this or that]

    On the bruiser ability, it would be a one turn ability (and only if you had amassed charge) - so if you miscalculated, and you had light classes in big trouble next turn, you could 'pull aggro' just for that turn to give them a chance to escape/reposition.

    Mostly, I'm for seeing changes that would give each class some more unique identity (other than what weapons they can wield) and some more tactical options for the player, so that you can choose between brute force/stealth and utility. For example, with scouts, maybe they're not amazing fighters, but they could bring a lot of other utility to the table to get you through a run quicker. Or with shooters, yeah, they can't take out mobs like an assault or a hunter, but with a silenced weapon, you can kill from range without attracting attention. And also, maybe correct for some realism - it doesn't make sense that a sniper rifle bullet kills walkers to the left and right of your target...that's the assault's domain, and that blurring of the lines gets in the way of the role playing experience of having classes.

    Most of the upcoming proposed changes are about movement, damage and health, but I think there are enough established mechanics in the game that could be played with in a creative way, that we could really enrich the experience without having to do a huge overhaul. For me, this is my favorite game on the App Store, hands down. But I feel like seasoned players are craving that next layer of depth to keep them coming back for more.

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