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I'm currently sitting on mostly lvl 7 survivors and taking my time leveling up. I only have the 3 beginning classes and was wondering if these will be used later on in the game. I ask because I don't want to continuously use my XP on leveling them up if they will become useless later on. Is it just a matter of preference later on in the game or do some just have no use in the future. this way here I know which classes, if any, I should retire before others.


  • Smokin_Joe_BlowSmokin_Joe_Blow Member Posts: 97
    I find all the classes useful still even in the end game. Some of it is dependent on what weapons you find for which classes. Most people feel the hunter class is the best overall though.
  • schmulsschmuls Member Posts: 46
    They are all usefull. Hunters best for farming but in missions you need all from time to time. But i guess you dont need 3 shooters or bruisers. One or two are good. Focus on hunters but take also two good scouts with you. It also depends on the wapons you find.
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    I mostly use Hunter + Shooter. I rarely use Scouts.
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    at this stage of the game I'm using mostly hunter/scout/scout and not using the bruiser unless the others are healing. Kind of sucks since I have 3 legendary weapons/armor for bruiser when I prefer the other survivor classes. Does anyone like the bruiser class? I feel as though scout gets more first hit kills while the bruiser has a nice charge but takes so long to use it.

    Guess my ultimate goal is to really have 2 or 3 legendary of each class.
  • Smokin_Joe_BlowSmokin_Joe_Blow Member Posts: 97
    Bruisers are good in some missions when you are well below the recommended level for the mission. Not really useful if you are at stage where you kill everything easily.
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    what matters most is the max level of survivors. you should only retire a survivor if you found a new one of same class with higher max level. and ofcourse, the rarity matters too. spend your gold only on survivor slot so you wont need to retire survivors that much.
  • SoyevSoyev Member Posts: 130
    Hunters are the best. You may want to delay unlocking the other classes until you get some hunters and decent weapons for them. I was getting 200 stars with three level 11 hunters, so if you get a team of them then you will be set for a long time

    Don't use 15 radio calls trying to get legendary tho. No matter their rarity, they will be handicapped with their maximum level because you can't max out your radio tent yet (radio tent controls minimum AND maximum level) so even if you get a legendary now, it will have a low max level and you'll have to abandon it eventually.

    Get a team and guns for them, then complete story mode so you can do some serious supply grinding to max your radio tent, then shoot for legendary
  • DreadDread Member Posts: 450
    hunters do well at clearing out groups of weak walkers, but become all but useless once those walkers get higher and take 4-5 shots from a hunter to kill.
    many people think hunters are the only thing worth using, but they've obviously never tried to go beyond their level bracket.

    hunter/warrior/assault is my personal favorite makeup for farming easy deadly missions, but i usually drop the hunter for a gunner once i reach 30* in weekly challenges, then drop the assault for a bruiser soon after.
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  • TeherrorTeherror Member Posts: 35
    Mostly I use hunter,warrior, assault.. But I recently found using shooter and bruisers have their perks too especially in higher lvl challenges
  • ConnConn Member Posts: 138
    Im a big fan of just having a melee composition: Warrior, bruiser and scout. It has the ability to clear (warrior), to stun and slow 'm down (Bruiser) and scout (1600+ Critical hits, handy on the big guys). Bruiser with 80-100% interrupt works great aswell vs these big guys. (Instead of kiting them with your ranged survivors)
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  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    if your farming xp, then you need to attract more zombies especially at start because they are still low levels, easy to kill. But melee survivors don't attract more zombies. But if you just want to finish a mission or have more stars in challenges, then melee survivors are good cause it doesn't attract walkers, making the challenge easier to finish. So it depends on your goal. level up both melee and ranged.

  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,228
    My team usually comprises of warrior, hunter, bruiser and shooter. They move one step at a time, kill together in the sentry mode and if required unleash hell on the next move. So far has worked fine for me, but would be trying other combos as well. Would appreciate a silenced hunter and shooter.

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    Silenced hunter and shooter is a hunter and shooter on overwatch. For now..

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