xp balance on mission, etc. and new gas and xp purchase



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    I believe the high level of negativity comes from asking for the same thing for 8mos, being told a fix was coming and then finding out it wasn't a fix after all. There's no such thing as a non-contributing player in a FtP platform as long as they're logging in. This link is very informative as to why that is: https://www.omniata.com/case/next

    Please note the the goals itemized and the order in which they're listed:

    Mobile user acquisition is highly competitive and Next Games acquisition marketing team is continuously looking for fresh channels (country/ad network combinations) to acquire valuable customers. The key metrics they created and are following through Omniata include:

    *Performance of the acquired users per ad network

    *Cumulative ARPU



    *Virality of the game per country

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    There are still some people here who are helpful. Even I try to help people, but I don't have as much experience as other board members, and often people cover the bases well pretty quickly. Honestly, outside of some things I didn't know about (eg farming, which I learned too late), the best thing I got out of the board is how to report bugs. A really bad bug is keeping me from finishing NightMare 11, and NG told me it won't be fixed until the next round. So, the challenge is to figure out a way around it even with under-leveled survivors. I only have lvl 17 and 18s, when it suggests lvl 21. Otherwise, I've never played this kind of game before and most of it was not hard to me at all. Maybe that's why I'm trapped in the upgrades. I finished a lot of the story missions with lower level survivors and equipment.

    But I appreciate that you seem to be a positive personality, @DLich . just saying...
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    Whether money was paid or not, as a player @jt41 still contributed to the ARPU and thereby, their revenue. The same is true for all FtP players. Being rude isn't necessary.

    Of course. I never said otherwise.
    Back from 2016 :p
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    Wrong thread! Sry! :o
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