Radio Pulls - Survivor Tracker: Data Collection - June 2016 Edition ( RESULTS POSTED)!!!

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Greetings Survivor!

This is an effort to collect data and provide analysis on an "off survivor event". I will compile this dataset for the Month of June and up until the next Survivor Event. Please help do some data collection.

Radio Pulls - Survivor Tracker

Understand the %s of the new radio system.
Collect data and provide analysis for a non-event.

I will not include anything posted on this thread which is not entered into the Tracker Form.
Please don't post or complain about how you didn't get any good survivors.
If you have a specific question or want to bump, that is fine.

This thread is strictly for data collection only, use the link and submit your pulls - Easy Peasy.

Let me first begin by saying thank you to all that contributed to the data collecting and great teamwork / feedback during the process.
Please keep in mind, the data results below is an approximation as we are trying to figure out probabilities using bottom up technique and the challenges of which comes with.

I will begin by showing a trend analysis of users that input data over the course of the month

Surely there was excitement on when the radio pulls revision was announced, as shown in the early month of June, then begin to tapered off once the 1.10 update was being shared (tokens/survivors/radios etc,..). Folks began to hold onto their radios until the 1.10 release or until epic/leg event is announced.

Among the data collected, the spread of User Player Levels is shown.

To say the least, we have some serious gamers here :) 30+ player levels

Among the data collected, The number of types of Radio Calls was assessed..

93% of users, choose to use 15 radio calls, followed by 5% of users that choose 1 radio calls.

For the following comparisons please note: For the 1 radio call the %s are based on 44 data input; for the 5 radio call the %s are based on 20 radio input; and for the 15 radio call the %s are based on 840 data input. Ideally, I'd like to see 300 data input for each category but we make best of what we have.

The Survivor Rarity Based on Radio Calls - Comparison.

Although more data is needed; the data suggests we observe: 2 - 2.5 % of pulling a Legendary survivor; more confidence with 15 radio call since the data input was large but for 1 and 5 radio calls the data is sparse and will need to gather more inputs. Additionally, check out the % of Rare pulls as shown, an astonishing 84% !! This is not surprising based on the screenshots and number of users whom posted in another thread.

The Survivor Class Based on Radio Calls - Comparison.

Looking across the board 1-5-15 radio calls, the odds of pulling a certain type of survivor class is essentially similar on average ~17% chance. I don't foresee an advantage of using 1 call vs 15 call to better your %.. basically, using a 15 radio call in this scenario just gives you another chance at pulling a survivor class, but at the same % odds. I believe this has been mentioned already by others.

The Survivor Max Level Based on Radio Calls - Comparison.

Although more data is needed; the trend we can observe here is- for a 1 radio call greater odds to get a 14-16 max level survivor, for a 5 radio call greater odds to get a 15-17 max level survivor, for a 15 radio call greater odds to get a 16-18 max level survivor.


We need your help. Let's Beef up the 1 Radio Call Data
This Link will direct you to a 1 Radio Call only Data collection form; quick and easy condensed form. Once we reach nearly 1000 entries I will update OP with newly 1 Radio Call data




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