7500 Legendary Crates

How do I go from getting mostly level 16 equipment and only 3 or 4 level 17 equipment at player levels 45-48 to some 17s and 1 18 at player level 49 and now 3/3 level 19s at player level 50?! I can't seem to get any good gear in the damn legendary chests. These 19s don't even have dodge. Talk about shit out of luck


  • SantescoSantesco Member Posts: 45
    Im max lvl and I only get lvl19 gear. So I stopped getting the 7500 ones. Being max lvl is a big middle finger in my face regarding progression. Terribly flawed like this.
    They took time to focus on fixing that airplaning stuff but no time to have max lvl18 gear on 7500tg draws.... kinda makes it useless. The tg system just isnt good.

    When buying a pack they make max lvl based on highest character so they have the coding for it available. Now please implement it in the tg function. Its still a waaaay to random system but beats getting useless lvl 19 stuff
  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    I get plenty of legendary lvl 18 weapons/armor from the Epic crates. I use legendary crates only when I wanted to collect some lvl 19 & 20 legend weapons for future use. And I've gotten lvl 17 legendary gear from mere golden crates before.
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    I gave up on 7500 crates early on. I kept pulling base level 19 bruiser and scout gear. I now only pull 500 creates. I find my chances of getting favorable results greatly improved opening 15, 500 creates much more likely than one 7500. I do get my share of usable epic and legendary gear as well.
  • JVC_TWDJVC_TWD Member Posts: 496
    I haven't opened one since then @NCDawgFan I always got bruiser and scout gear when I didn't even have bruisers and scouts. It was a waste. Now that I'm almost maxed out (finally!!) it's only going to get worse so I'll stick to the gold 500 TG chests
  • JVC_TWDJVC_TWD Member Posts: 496
    Very very true @SlickRick I just had shitty gear so I went for the Hail Mary legendary chest.
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    The "problem" when you get maxed out @JVC_TWD and @SlickRick is the chances of getting gear you would deem worthy of investing 2.73m XP to upgrade and would in fact be an improvement over current gear is slim. I could use better warrior and hunter armour for sure but what I have is not bad. I'm pretty happy with all my primary weapons. I did pull this new assualt weapon last week and quickly leveled it up but those pulls are few and far between.
  • JVC_TWDJVC_TWD Member Posts: 496
    I have a very similar weapon. It's a killer on raids. The thing with me is that the closer I get to max the better weapons I get from the 500 TG boxes so that's why I'm busting my ass to max out. I need 3 more building upgrades for a total of 6.99mil to max out (hospital 2.75mil, 2 XP tents 2.12mil each) @NCDawgFan

    A few levels ago I would get leg 15 and 16 weapons from 500 TGs. Now I get leg 17s and epic 18s
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