Allow us to have 2 Guilds connected?

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How does everyone feel about asking Next Games to develop the ability to have 2 Guilds that share the same chat maybe and maybe other options.

This way you can have highly active players in one and people can switch guilds for example if real life issues cause you to need a break or slow down on your goal amounts.

I have met some real nice people in our guild and it would be nice to meet everyones goals. If you need to be more relaxed awhile switch to "X Guild 2" and if you pickup more in game and player xyz has college tests coming you 2 can switch between "X Guild 1" and X Guild 2".

There can be other benifits and ideas but there are guilds like this and connecting at least 2 guilds would be cool. Heck I would even pay a small fee for a "Pro Guild" option on our guild that allows this. So maybe $$ will motivate the development, lol
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  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    Or they could just consider allowing more than 20 members in a guild. It seems most multi-guilds already use outside chat apps which have more utility than in-game chats anyways.

    But no matter what, I hope they never implement a global-chat function. That feature has never manifested into anything beyond trolling/spamming for teenagers who ate too many crayons as children, in any game, lol
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    No I would not want global chat. Problem with more than 20 is some members want relaxed goals others want to be in top 50 etc.

    The in game chat sucks tho. Wish it was better!
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    That is why many guilds have an out of game Chat app installed! We have 2 guilds in our family and an alliance guild that all share group chat on the Line app! That is what most guilds so when they have multiple sister guilds! :) It indeed is very nice to chat outside of the game chat!
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    Can't see that working.

    I can't see threads with useful info sometimes because of the sheer amount of guilds recruiting on here. It would mean the gulf divide between established guilds and new guilds even more so.

    Think a very few people have a valid point like yourself @eBandit but for myself, the guild system works the way it is unlike so many of the aspects of the game.

    The only thing I think needs improving is the chat function as the character limit is quite tedious and maybe introduce being able to include screenshots.
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    Character limit is annoying. I have always hated the ch
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  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    I like it in theory - but our two guilds also connect on off-game chat. It would be nice to see the other guilds scores. Less administration time for guild leaders.

  • eBanditeBandit Member Posts: 85
    Well i started this idea to accommodate one of our members who wanted to play hard with high goals to be in top 50 bit I started this as a low pressure guild cause we all have other life obligations and myself i deal with plenty.

    But it does not matter now as after someone mentioned might be hard every week to hit real high totals cause family and work the member said they own thier own business and work 24/7 so yeah they get it and left the guild.

    So guess we need a new member and dont need a second guild lol.
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    That's a shame @eBandit that's exactly why we started a second guild.. To keep everyone connected but a place for people wanting less pressure or to take holiday and a place for us more competitive players!! It's worked great so far.. We have had a couple people go to our less pressure guild so they could focus on life, or leveling up or doing outposts!! We haven't lost anyone yet!! Good luck to you! :)
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  • eBanditeBandit Member Posts: 85
    Thanks. Thats exactly what I figured we might do.
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    Next Games makes Compass Point West. Posse's (guilds) have 30 players in there..not sure why TWD:NML limited this game to 20.
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