My game got reset to a point weeks into the past

iceman_issaciceman_issac Member Posts: 2
I connected to Google Play for the 30 gold like it says I can do in the achievements or goals or wherever...I connected to Facebook with no issue...I connected to Google Play and it set me WAY WAY back... My buildings are leveled way down... I don't have a lot of survivors and the ones i have are only like lol 6 and stuff...and I aint gonna keep playing to get back to where I was.... I need to know what's up asap pls


  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,673
    @iceman_issac , at any point did you restart your game? Looks like the game you were linked to was an old one.

    You can try the instructions here.

    If that doesn't work send in a in game support request with the following information,
    In-game player name of original game
    In-game player level of original game
    Name of guild from original game (if applicable)
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    Sorry to hi-jack this thread @zbot but I can't find the 50 or so messages on the forums where I have said I haven't had a reply as have no other way of contacting support stating am waiting since March 8th for support to get back to me.

    The customer service is a joke and I feel so sorry for you @iceman_issac as its going to be months before they answer.. in 2 days time that will be 3 months since I submitted my ticket in using the in-app Help.

    That is not just a joke it's now becoming a matter of theft from NG on myself.
  • iceman_issaciceman_issac Member Posts: 2
    Icemanissac or iceman_issac was name and my lol was like 22 or one or 2 less than what you need to make ur council lvl 12...all my plots needed over 400,000 to get lvld up again...about 5 or 6 lol 10 survivors and most where epic...I need that game back...yes I had an old one...lost phone and created a new game from scratch on new phone...this is the one I want back...i have spent to much time getting what i had to start again
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