Step 1 - Create a game
Step 2 - Enable people to purchase add-ons using money
Step 3 - When contacted about compensation because of problems, just ignore them until they go away thus never having to recompensate

Quite a few people have contacted me about my problems of being unheard. Am sure this is happening systematically and am finding more and more this is endemic with NG.

If you have been waiting a long time or NG haven't got back to you then please feel free to pass this on to me as I have some high profile magazines along with a few TV and Film, celebs waiting to out NG on Twitter and bring this to the mass media.

I also contacted the admins @TCZ , @Chris @Al @zbot on the forum and am not even acknowledged and just ignored.

Well, I have waited 3 months for an answer and have received nothing in recompense or even a response.

I have had enough and will not be quiet no more.


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    I sent approx 10 screenshots, there is nothing to investigate by them, it's clear cut and now they have deleted the whole in-app HELP thread but I have it backed up by screenshots too.

    Outrageous , shocking and scandalous behaviour and this is now pertaining to theft from NG to myself and hundreds of others.

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    Johnny I'm sorry you've had to wait so long, and understand your frustratation. There is no excuse for completely ignoring customers.
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    Thank you @masmith93 and as an active member of this forum that brings some comfort.

    Am not angry but I am very upset that I allowed them to treat me like this and what I am finding out a lot of other people have had the same problems.

    I have worked in the media and production for over 20 years and the high profile people who will out this can reach 100s of millions of people through their social media all over the planet. Not to mention some of the actors of 'The Walking Dead' and 'Fear the Walking Dead' having worked on the production myself.

    They have stolen from me, from others, lied to me and others and I have had enough.

    Thanks again @masmith93

    it's very much appreciated.
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    I've never had any issues like that myself but I feel for you if that's what you've gone through...very sorry to hear it.

    Do whatever you think is best if you feel they're not listening to a business owner I know my without my clients and their happiness I'd be looking for work...NG should definitely do the same if they want to be successful in the long term...situations like this definitely will not help them especially if they add up.

    Good luck with your situation...I do hope it gets resolved for you in some manner :)
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    Thank you @SlickRick for those kind words.

    You know your point is exactly where I am coming from and as a person with a complaint with evidence I expect to be acknowledged, I don't know what you do but like you I'm running a business which would do alright on it's own but I believe it's thriving because of how we deal with problems,

    Mine is in the Media, TV and Film industry which like others in a competitive environment is renowned to be cut throat and it's all about the service we offer that gets us hired time and time again. I have dealt with hundreds of companies over the years and I'm sure as a business owner you have similar dealings on a daily business with new and old companies because of course problems arise from time to time but never have I had an appalling experience like I have had with NG.

    Cheers @SlickRick

    All the very best.
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    can we ALL say 'class action law suit'....seems like theirs a storm brewing here. PUT THEM ON BLAST!
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    the lack of transparency is what is going to sink the NG ship.
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    If one man is dissatisfied with the handling of his compensation, that does not a class action make.

    That issue is between him and support, so I will and can not comment on the subject matter. But I am interested in what you see as the transparency issue here, @i812many ? Do other games have their support tickets public? They are not exactly secret with us either, as the recipient can share them. Not exactly good form, but possible.

    We go through thousands upon thousands of support tickets, it would be amazing if not one would be disgruntled. An unhappy customer certainly isn't a devious plan for us to make money :P

    I sincerely hope your situation will see closure, with all parties satisfied.
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    Has nothing to do with support tickets. But in GENERAL their is clearly no transparency between how the game works and how the player perceives it. Lets take the recent 1.9 update, Scout and bruiser class were to have boosted by X amount, when in fact they were only boosted X amount lower than promised, then no explanation. NO TRANSPARANCY! Should I go on? Should I list the other 100 forum discussions where people are trying to get some transparency? And yes ONE man does not constitute a 'class action law suit', but many do. The fact that NG has 3rd parties to explain themselves on a forum is a serious problem! NG is seriously walking on thin ice by having people pay for product then not delivering as promised. I hope NG doesn't think Finland makes them immune to international law, as they will be seriously mistaken. Just my .02
    grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit
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    They are two problems here.

    The first problem is the lack of support the second problem is that they have done nothing about investigating the first problem and have put nothing in place to make sure it happens again and in my view that's criminal.
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    The third parties on this forum are am sorry to say just enablers to NG in my humble opinion which is a shame as I do see them posting from time to time on the forums.

    Am sick of the lies, disgusted at the deceit and the advocating of cheating and yeah the 100's of other problems but I will keep on the topic of this thread I started.
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    @eetu , to close this issue just tell us when is expected the council update or give us a chance to trade with tomatoes... please.

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    For those planning their lawsuit, take a quick read here You may be interested to know that they've got lawyers that cover all sorts of things in their Terms of Use agreement.
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    I haven't mentioned Lawsuit.

    Cost far too much money. my plans are radically different and just to expose them to the mainstream media for the liars, cheats, dishonest, charlatans they are. It's time people globally were made aware.
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    Good luck with your campaign.
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    I hope this goes better than my protest on FarmVille when they deleted my rainbow cow, that did not end well at all
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    I guess it's not a good place to say that I've never had problems with support, even though I don't always like what they respond & sometimes they take awhile but they always respond, even when I know personally that some of my questions are a waste of time lol. But I agree with @eetu this time, that u can't exactly make every player happy & im sure only so many people work in customer support as they need to tend to over 200k players so to a point we need to have patience after sending a ticket, but regardless of it being a "freemium" game or not, no matter if it's an app game,console game or pc or whatever, any gamer by now should know all games have bugs & hiccups no matter how good it is or not & if players can't handle them if there that bad to them, then the only solution would be not to play. As far as this game goes there's quite a few things I don't like about it & many that bore me, but there's a lot that I enjoy & is why I still play & pay lol. Ng does their best to cater to the players wants & constantly tries to come up with more & new exciting content for the players to enjoy & keep interested, do they always get it right?( not all the time), but once again they are trying to cater to the masses & not just the individual, with new content & added technology will there be bugs & flaws?( of course it's technology what do u expect), anyways after this long rant & rave, I'm tired & forgot what I was talking about lol, but even though I'm not always pleased with results, thanx ng for being 1 of the top games I've played that actually listens to its players lol
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    I agree with Jonnydive. I have emails dating back to March 20t6. My last email was 2 weeks ago, I only received a canned reply like my other emails. I contacted Google Play for a refund and was denied. I did email Google Play after being denied that since they promote, offer and facilitate collecting real money for NG, that they are on the hook! It's obvious NG doesn't give a crap about this issue. I also feel that ggole is also ignoring this issue! Maybe if enough of us complain to Google we may get a refund. I myself have only spent $80, but it's the point of not even being acknowledged what so ever. Fuk NG, I want my money back!
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    Best $2.99 I've spent in a while. I hope people who have spent more get entertainment value for their outlay. Just remember, you are buying the rearrangement of electrons, probably across the world from you. How much satisfaction is available from that? I'm glad people are able to spend more, software needs supported. Sometimes I feel bad about not being able to do more, despite the in-game frustrations and occasional forum disappointments. Hoping things change for me, and hoping you all have fun. Don't spend more than you can afford to risk and make sure you keep it playful. I've seen addiction support offered by staff, and to many it seems like a joke, but it is a real thing.
    That being said, you should get what's promised for your money, and be stubborn about it.
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    @Jesseesq , saw your post and checked with support, you should have received full instructions on how to recover your game (support responded 9 days ago). Your other support issues were closed since support responded but didn't get a response from you. You may want to check your spam folder? Sent you a PM earlier.

    As far as I am aware of the other issues were resolved.

    As per the new forum rules:

    Keep in mind common forum courtesy:
    - Thread necromancy
    Don’t bump threads older than 30 days - start a new one instead.

    @Jesseesq , if you are still experiencing issues, please start a new thread.

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