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We are a German guild with only german players. A new member asked me (he is also from Germany), why his leaderboard is (ch) and not (de) - single and guild. Does anyone have an explanation?
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  • NieGoleBobraNieGoleBobra Member Posts: 27
    Dont know if this will help but leaderboard depends what language is on the device.
  • Loewe1968Loewe1968 Member Posts: 585
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    Does not help me. (ch) represents Switzerland and in Switzerland is french, italian or german spoken. My teammate has definitely german on his device and is from Germany and is in Germany at the moment.
    - Ex-Leader "Breaking Deads" -
  • KeepGenKeepGen Member Posts: 10
    Your device is iOS?
  • ElvedElved Member Posts: 29
    i am from Denmark and get the local US board - i completely understand if there is no board for Denmark but i cant really relate to the US board either so that part is sadly kind of moot for me..
  • TWD_BTWD_B Member Posts: 62
    Same to me. Im from Sweden and some weeks agoo it popup some brand new players to top players in swedish score. All of them isnt swedish.
  • KeepGenKeepGen Member Posts: 10
    It is easy to change on iOS devices. I don't know how to do it on Android devices.

    Choose your country and go to the game. That's all !

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