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Look this is in no way a thread to slate NG just my thoughts and the way I'm feeling so far,
A little about myself first well I'm from Italy/wales UK player downloaded the game I think maybe a month after release I'm not going to talk about past issues here just how I feel the games seems to be going which I hope it doesn't.

Been in 3 guilds which I outgrew I'm now in DTP I was in main and I feel like I'm falling behind each challenge to keep My stars up and the only way I can is by spending money to keep up which TBH I'm very disappointed with,
from the time I started I could keep up with the top players but the update we had to move to 1 challenge I feel the game is heading a P2play game at least the stars side of the game. I do buy the odd stuff I see in store but talking with some of the top players the both guys I've talked have told me how much they spend to compete look I don't want to rant on I know you guys need to make money but I'm not into paying to compete I never had to before and don't want to now.

To end on a good note which I was taught in the Army great job NG on the XP fix.
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    Lightfeet said:

    You should blame your guild mates that they defraud you by spending money. If they wouldn't do that you (most probably) would be able to keep up with them.

    That's not NG's fault. It's a "problem" caused by the players who want to be on top at any price.

    Best way to get a better feeling is to let them go their way and to find your own way of playing the game. (In worst case you'll have to look for a new guild.)

    Maybe I did not explain it right I can still do good stars but in order to hit the 350 to 400+ you have to spend money in order to keep up I wouldent mind if NG made challenge stars something to go for, Right now it's just bragging rights give top guilds and top players who take part some sort of reward something to fight for I'm sure players won't mind paying the odd €3.99 to heal the team
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    I wouldn't keep up if I was being asked to generate 300-400 stars. I'd get banished and would not care. There are less demanding guilds to fit your style of play. My feeling is if you are not happy playing, then you're not doing it right.
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    DrBOB said:

    but the update we had to move to 1 challenge I feel the game is heading a P2play game at least the stars side of the game.


    I'm interested in knowing by what mechanism the move from 2 to 1 challenge per week increases the pressure to spend? I thought it would ease the pressure, as you would not need to go as far as fast as you did before? Or was it something else in the same update?
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    @eetu I think the main source of pressure is the ability to exploit maps and go well beyond the recommended survivor level. The new dumpster map, for example, has an infinite potential as long as you have gas to burn.

    Sounds to me like he feels the need to compete with those who see spending money on the game as a nonissue. The only way to do that is to spend money.
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    Great post and always good strategy to use the compliment sandwich. Top guilds don't win, top players don't win and in the end leaderboards mean as much or as little as you perceive them too. The goal of the free to play, freemium, pay-to-win model is designed to encourage you to spend money. If you find yourself feeling impatient or feeling like you are just a couple of dollars from a higher rank, NG has spent a lot of time, money and energy to get you to a point where you feel that way.

    As someone who really loves gaming and is brimming with disdain for the ftp model I am embarrassed that I even play this game. They've done a lot of things right though and the fact that I play even though I'm ashamed is proof.

    What I'm getting at is that
    a) No one can win
    b) FTP games will always try to capitalize on ego/impatience and structure their games to generate these emotions in players
    c) If you aren't enjoying the game as much as you were previously, I'm not either, there are so many alternatives! Just do some research and don't mess with any game that has a 0$ price tag.
  • @zoson because you said that, I had to see if Dumpsters were exploitable. The result was not pretty. I killed two walkers with the freemens help and then all three of my survivors took a good old fashioned butt whooping. Exploitable, not.
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    @bgbelden, @zoson is correct. Dumpsters is easily exploitable. I have seen at least three different methods where you can beat it on level 30 for three stars time and time again and you don't need to kill a single walker or saviour to do it.
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    @zoson lol if a pictures worth a 1000 words then a videos worth a million lol good play lol
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    What an amazing mission? I've never seen how you can manipulate level 30 raiders to defeat level 30 walkers. It seems like I'm missing lots of fun at high level challenge missions because I've been only playing in the outposts and only challenge level I played was up to level 7. :p
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    I think the use of the word exploitable carries a negative connotation. Isn't beating high levels using smart tactics the whole point of a tactical turn based game? I think these sorts of maps make this game better.

    @zoson great videos :D
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    Just to be perfectly clear, this is not my video. I pulled it out of the video vault. As mentioned by @NCDawgFan there are several others there showing a few different ways to pull it off. This one just shows exactly how broken the dumpster map is.

    Edit: here's the direct link to the thread the video is from
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    How is Dumpsters any different from Manor House , Helping Hand , or any of the other 'exploitable' missions ? If NG didn't want most challenges to have a level for people to really go for and spend extra money on , I think they would have gotten rid of all of them by now ... they obviously have testers trying the new challenges before they are released and I'm sure they knew the mechanics upon releasing the new zone. I could tell Dumpsters was gonna be doable after recc. 22 immediately , from there I just fined tuned my tactics
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    @Japes87 Nobody made the assertion that it's any different. They all cause the exact same problem. @eetu asked where the pressure on F2P players is coming from - so we clarified the complaint to him.

    Dumpsters is a perfect example of the problem. Because paying players are able to exceed the recommended level significantly, anyone who is F2P that wants to try to keep up simply cannot. There isn't enough gas to go around, and that creates more pressure to pay.
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    @zoson I was only referring to when you said Dumpsters was obviously broken , if that mission is broken then the whole challenge system has been broken since it came out. It kept with the pattern of most every weekly challenge zone having 1 mission that is infinitely farmable so in my opinion it's working as intended. I do see the issue of ftp players not being able to keep up. My guild is full of both types of players and we never put pressure on people to pay money .. if they would like to be in the elite 2 guilds they have to keep their stars up , if they want to play casual , we have 3 other guilds where they can still feel at home
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    @Japes87 Have you ever seen any other video clearing a map with level 9's at rec30?
    I didn't think so.
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    You could on Lost Bunker as well... It's only dodges and interrupt. Keep some quality/low level gear from challenges and roll some new chars from radio tent and anyone could make that vid as well.... Lol if they wanted to waste some time and resources on it.
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    I like how you said "rich emergent gameplay"!! You are a gentleman and a scholar :)
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    zoson said:

    @eetu I think the main source of pressure is the ability to exploit maps and go well beyond the recommended survivor level. The new dumpster map, for example, has an infinite potential as long as you have gas to burn.

    Sounds to me like he feels the need to compete with those who see spending money on the game as a nonissue. The only way to do that is to spend money.

    @eetu This right here as Zoson is saying the pressure is from the poor maps that's are exploitable meaning in order for players to keep up they Have to spend to keep up.
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    @zoson , necroboogie took the words right out of my mouth. Cool to have some clarification from Eetu tho , I'm glad because I really enjoy figuring out ways to help walkers eat saviors instead of me and I hope the trend continues :)
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    As long as you had one warrior with 100% interrupt, the other two survivors were pretty much useless. One to open the gate and one to watch the warrior stop the bottom fatty. I did love watching the walkers destroy the freemen for me.
  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    I tried twice each time the fatties got me :(
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  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    @Black_Jack did your warrior have 100% interrupt?
  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    Ok no I don't have interrupt, also I didn't get a saviour to run out of the group at the top to shoot at the walkers, thus bring a nice distraction for top fatty
  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    Sorry @NCDawgFan I didn't refresh my page so didn't see your last comment prior to making mine
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