Any other archers here?

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Let's talk about hobbies! I started archery half a year ago. I've been interested in archery for over a decade and finally bought myself a bow. I've been training taekwondo almost ten years and needed some new hobby for myself. I'm interested in hunting, so that's why I got myself a composite bow that is suitable for hunting and target practicing. Don't have license for hunting yet, but maybe some day. If you have photos or something you wanna share about your hobby, please feel free to post.


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    Nice selfie ;)
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    That's cool @Dragonius I like art, mainly pencil drawing :smile: but really a novice and just something I do for fun. I don't get much time outside work for a great deal. Me and bf have a boat so that's a bit of a hobby /past time too I guess keeping it maintained / doing up etc.
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    @Lydia That's pretty cool! I draw too. Mostly pencils as well. I'm trying to learn color pencils and digital drawing too, but I lack the time to really get into them. I've been doing some realistic portraits last time I drew. Pretty novice on that stuff too, but I'm quite content on results with this amount of training. :)
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    I've tried 'realist' portraits.. Mixed feelings on whether to continue trying at this, my attempt at David Beckham wasn't great.. I am better at cats :lol:
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    Guns. That's my thing. 1 to 6 in each of the calibers below:

    Pistols in .22, 7.62 Tokarev, .357 Sig, 9mm, 9mm Makarov, 45 ACP (favorites:Springfield Loaded 1911 and Springfield XDS 45)

    Revolvers in .357 Magnum and 7.62 Nagant.

    Rifles in .22, .380, 7.62 x 54R, 45LC, 5.56, .357 Magnum, (Favorites: FNH FS2000, 1966 Marlin Golden 39A, IWI Tavor)

    Shotguns in .410, 20 ga, 12 ga. (Favorites: Mossberg 500 Tactical, Rossi Circuit Judge)

    May have missed a couple. Just perusing inventory in my head. Bang Bang.
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