Why remove deadly missions?

NixderNixder Member Posts: 3
I cant see any reason why you removed it so please give me a good one!

And what are your plans for the memorial?


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    Yeh good call AMC 14 deadly missions off out of 500 to earn achievement and you pull it. Maybe you want me to buy another 500 gold??
  • Mary_Forda_MoneyMary_Forda_Money Member Posts: 5
    I have to agree. The deadly missions were great. Once i tried to see how many walkers i could kill before getting a survivor killed. I ended up losing 2 but killing 275 walkers. It was awesome. I mean if your players cant die its lost something.... Oh snd ps the rewards stink worse than ever on those missions. I played and got 0 gold or silver chest opportunities.
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    I did 4 new deadly missions with not a single silver box. All commons. Kind of takes the fun out.
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    My draw to this game was that it made the attempt to mimic real life. Now there are no deadlies. So I guess none of the characters in the show or the books are really dead...they are just stuck in the hospital forever.
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    I also didn't understand or like the removal of deadly missions.

    What's the purpose of the deadly missions numbers and of the Memorial now?
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    Yep, I am with ya. I love most of the new update, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE that they removed deadly missions. Now it is almost impossible to find good gear. I hadn't heard anyone really complaining about them other than challenge deadlies. You would think NG would want them, because is survivors dies someone might be inclined to buy phones to find a replacement. Can we get any kind a reason for this @Teeceezy ?
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    The only explanations that makes sense to me is inability to resolve actual bugs that caused people to lose survivors, overwhelming weight of complaints from those who lost survivors whether there were bugs or not, or someone found and was making use of an exploit.

    People losing survivors due to bugs can't be recompensed in a meaningful way. If they can't resolve the issue, removing the missions is the responsible choice, perhaps.

    Those who lose survivors for whatever reason complain that it was the games fault. After the Eleventy billionth help ticket from players complaining that the game robbed them of something, management may have said get rid of them.

    If someone found a way to break the system, they may have had to be removed. This reason would also be accompanied by silence from the company. Since we have no deadly missions and silence, this could be the case.

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  • HeisenbergHeisenberg Member Posts: 180
    Yeah sounds logical @lmfgunnut , I lost a Legendary Hunter doing a deadly challenge mission pushing for stars. I was pretty upset but not with NG, the level of challenge was too high and I shouldn't have even attempted but.....my ego got in the way and maybe a little alcohol might have been a factor also....LOL. This makes finding useful gear extremely difficult now.
  • DuramaxDuramax Member Posts: 1
    I would love to see them back, memorial is such a waste. Guess it's the walking alive now. I write them daily to bring them back. Same respond, you got 15 phones.....
  • PR0DJPR0DJ Member Posts: 834
    @lmfgunnut this is only reason I came up with also.
    But should we start a thread about replacement of deadlies with something really difficult but worth a better chance of good loot?
  • alan82alan82 Member Posts: 0
    So I was at 424 deadly missions completed and looking forward to getting my 500 gold but now there is no deadly missions? I was doing them on episode 10 etc but now I still have 3 missions to choose from xp food and another one which just says it has an increased chance of finding better equipment. What's going on?
  • NixderNixder Member Posts: 3
    This is the reason I hate humanity. - oh no one my survivors died, who shall I blame? Well suck it up and realise you did I bad choise. I have lost survivors too (lost 2 epic Max 16 on their first mission) and who did I blame? Myself cause it was all my fault.

    Didnt realised they could did
    Have you seen the show?
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 92
    How about not killing off a Survivor but reduce their training level by 1 or 2 if they "die"?
  • Maybe have a button you have to ✔ stating that entering this deadly means you could die
    I've lost a bunch of survivors and it never stopped me from doing the deadlies. I lost two survivors at once and turn right around and lost a third trying to get revenge and prove I could beat it.
    Needless to say losing three of my top survivors two of which were legendary, set me way back and allowed me to learn how high a deadly I could go.
    I still did them but usually stopped 10 or more stars short of other challenge maps
  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    bgbelden said:

    I've lost a bunch of survivors and it never stopped me from doing the deadlies. I lost two survivors at once and turn right around and lost a third trying to get revenge and prove I could beat it.

    Needless to say losing three of my top survivors two of which were legendary, set me way back and allowed me to learn how high a deadly I could go.

    In the worst case a squad wipe might've left you in a position where your remaining survivors can't handle the missions that are currently spawned for you, story and exploration, pretty much making you unable to progress.
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    @eetu you could make all difficulty levels for the story missions replayable to solve that.
  • zDKarkozDKarko Member Posts: 3
    Bring back deadlines... I didn't really do them for the gear but the challenge... Particularly liked deadlines on the weekly guild challenge - to beat my team member re who can get more stars, do I push at deadly and go for the extra stars and risk loosing a character... Was gr8

    Bring it back

    As alternative I like the confirm button before you do deadly that you understand. Otherwise option to revive for X gold or supplies (and can put character aside until you have saved gold/supplies). Else level down a few as an consequence. But really I liked the deadly judgement / risk!!!
  • BttlOpenerBttlOpener Member Posts: 943
    @eetu I always thought of that. Say you just started out and did a deadly mission. All your survivors are killed. I don't think there is a way of progressing. I do understand the rational of removing deadly missions, but I think NG could reward the progression of players who didn't achieve the 500 mark. Say, give us 50% of our progress. I assume many players would be happy with that number. Using myself as an example, I achieved 381 deadly missions, which would put me at 190 gold. And, remove that goal so new players don't see an achievement they cannot meet.
  • Coach280Coach280 Member Posts: 8
    I have 492 on deadly missions what a ripoff all the gold and 3 legendary survivors not impressed but still play waiting forever to see new missions
  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    OldGoth said:

    We loved the deadly missions! The problem is that the vast majority of players never understood what they signed up for when going on the missions, and we had to deal with so, so many customer support complaints about lost survivors and teams (yes, even when there were no technical issues). It just wasn't worth it.

    On top of that, we could see that way too many players stopped playing altogether when they lost a survivor on a deadly mission. We hope to return to the deadlies once we figure out a way to make them more understandable.

    Totally understandable. This is where I slip into fantasy mode and imagine the ability to smack these players upside the head with a sign "Complaint Invalid - You were warned" and tell them to stop being an entitled little b**** and go ....
    Ok back to reality :D
    Back from 2016 :p
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    @zoson @OldGoth I don't mind removing deadlies, but I was 16 missions away from the achievement. It's one of the biggest in the game - 500 gold.
    How do I get it now?
    Will there be a chance to get it in the future, or some compensation for those who got through almost all to get it?
    I was so close. And it's still hanging, uncompleted, in achievement list - what's the point of that...
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    I liked the deadlies. I understood the consequences. My only complaint would be glitches that cause fatalities or in my case phone call interruptous! This worst part was it was a robo call! So, I got kicked out and of course when I came back I lost my whole squad. Regardless, I liked deadlies. They were a good test to see how good I really was!
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    Why is there not any more deadly missions.
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    Edited my sarcastic reply because these have now been merged :)
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    Thank u for not being sarcastic. I'm new to this site not sure how to work around everything
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    They removed deadlies but they might bring them back.
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    Thank u
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