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I think that guild rewards should be rewarded once a challenge map expires. This gives guilds a chance to kick out new members who decided to contribute close to nothing but leech from everyone else.


  • But then they'd be easier to save and therefore make Outposts less rewarding.
    I personally love this idea as I don't like a single aspect of Outposts.
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    I don't care when I receive them but I think they need to be increased. :)
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    @bgbelden Hmm that's a good point then how about changing up the reward system for guilds then? Depending on the star contribution, instead of giving immediate rewards it tweaks an end of cycle buff like an increase percentage of the amount of TG per tier on the next cycle.

    So an example breakdown would be this:

    - 1st tier(20 stars) - 5% increase in personal TG rewards
    - 2nd tier (50 stars... I think?) - 10% increase in personal TG rewards
    - 3rd tier - 15%
    and so on and so forth

    Consider this example in test case form:

    - A new member joins.
    - That person contributes 170 stars(5th tier) and ends the cycle without entering the 6th tier
    - Next cycle that person receives a 25%(5% per tier) boost in personal TG rewards everytime he or she claims a TG reward through the challenge system until the following cycle.
  • @aaron1 umm, you lost me when the challenge ended and you got a bonus starting a new challenge. But it sounds good from what I did comprehend.
  • aaron1aaron1 Member Posts: 25
    @bgbelden My apologies if my breakdown wasn't clear enough, I find that conveying my ideas in examples is far easier than just explaining and leading to a "too long didn't read" lol. Let's consider two maps, M1 is the first and M2 is the map that comes after in chronological order.

    (before increment happening in M1)
    - player contributes 20 stars (gets a personal trade goods(TG) reward of 400)
    - the guild overall gets a 200 star(I don't remember the current tiers for guild rewards)
    - normally if this is the first tier you would receive 400 TG as a guild reward
    - let's replace that a 5% buff that takes affect in M2
    - for argument's sake let's say the guild stops getting more stars at this point and the challenge map expires

    (after increment happening in M2, the next map that comes after M1)
    - player contributes 20 stars ( but now gets a personal TG reward of 400 + (400x5%) = 420)

    The rewards seem small but consider the scenario where guild exceeds 10 tiers -> 50%
    ( but now gets a personal TG reward of 400 + (400x50%) = 600) and that's just for the first tier personal rewards! Granted the tiers would need to be tweaked for balance but still I find that system would be better.

    * I do want to note that the buff would only occur if the member was on the roster in the guild for M1 and contributed stars.

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    @bgbelden Why? You're saying they can change one thing but not another? If they can make it so people can/will save more TG they can do it while making Outposts MORE rewarding at the same time. If they WANT they can code this game to work in any conceivable way. : :)
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  • aaron1aaron1 Member Posts: 25

    I'm just suggesting a balance between getting good rewards while doing a challenge event and refraining from letting leechers get away with rewards without contributing to their respective guilds. The numbers are arbitrary, the devs can always increase the rewards by 10% or even 20% for every tier if they decided it's balanced.

    I just feel that the overall concept that I proposed is far more beneficial for everyone and forces leechers to actually contribute.
  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    I like your idea for an additional reason: if they show you how big the reward is getting, that you'll be able to get at the end of the week IF you participate, then that may encourage people to do more and stick around.
    I would also like there to be triggers for the guild rewards - meaning, you must earn a certain amount of personal stars to get the first guild reward, then earn a certain amount more to get the next guild reward, and so on.
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    That's a good addition. Initially I just wanted to give guilds a chance to boot leechers before they get any benefits, guess the addition could be considered the next step.
  • @aaron1 What if I contribute but someone with elder powers boots me before I get the guilds rewards. Uts been done on accident and on purpose before.
  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    @bgbelden has a good point. This can be solved but it seems NG is trying to keep coding or game complexity to a minimum. Which is why they won't be implementing the suggestions in this thread lol
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    There's a very easy answer to leachers.
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    @bgbelden , @theRealBender

    Then we take what was suggested but code it differently; instead of giving the buff when the challenge map expires, have the buff given right when the threshold is achieved but does not take affect until the current challenge map expires but WITH the restriction that the player has to have achieved a certain amount of personal stars that is within a balanced range to get a bonus. So consider these scenarios:

    Normal player that contributes:

    - a member of a guild contributes 170 stars( 5th tier personal) to a guild and the guild achieves (8th tier) rewards.
    - the member gets a buff that is respective to the guild tier reward but it does not trigger until after
    - member leaves the guild
    - challenge map expires the buff triggers getting ( 8 x 5%) 40% increase in TG personal rewards

    Leeching player that barely contributes:

    - gets 6 stars(1st tier) but the guild achieves 8th tier rewards
    - the player gets booted but still has the buff
    - Although the member has contributed he will only receive 1st tier guild reward buff. The numbers definitely need to be tweaked in order for this to be balanced.

    I also have a scenario where players join another guild after getting booted but I want to see how you guys feel about this suggestion first.
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