Ideas to make scouts more competitive

I know that this has been mentioned before, but does anybody have any ideas that would make scouts more competitive and advantageous to use?

Some ideas that I liked:
-Scouts should be able to kill multiple walkers in an attack string
-Scouts should have the ability to give an instant death with a normal attack
-Scouts should be able to attack and retreat several spaces

Am I in the minority for wanting Scouts to be competitive with other classes like shooter, hunter or assault?


  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    My idea maybe others too that there charge ability should be guaranteed swift strike
  • PigPig Member Posts: 1,870
    My scouts are very useful!

    You just need the right strategy. Do you all need it spelled out? Here goes:

    1. Retire scouts.
    2. Replace with other survivors.

    Problem solved.

    In all seriousness, though, I think the suggestion to make them hit multiple targets in one swing just turns them into warriors. Instant death for any target, regardless of level and health, as a charge ability MIGHT make me start using scouts again, but maybe not. Charging it might be more effort than it's worth. It's probably the best suggestion I've seen.

    Attack and retreat? Probably not. I might as well just shoot from a distance rather than close, attack, and retreat back to distance. Moreover, the scout would still be vulnerable to retaliation and dodge from human enemies, unlike ranged attackers. So I'd still rather just shoot. I suppose attack & retreat could be useful against enemies behind cover, but I don't think it makes up for the other shortcomings relative to ranged survivors.

    I have heard very high level players with tons of dodge and luck on their scouts saying it's cool to be able to run through missions without killing anything. I guess that's the scout's niche, but it's not too useful for most of us players!
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  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    I think it would be good if Scouts had "stealth" (of which I'm borrowing concept from another game), where they can move undetected by walkers when ability is triggered, even after an attack. This could make them more useful without worrying about getting slammed by retaliate or zombie attack next turn or getting swarmed.

    Would I personally start using Scouts with this? Hmmm...I might dabble with them. For certain type of missions. But I'm very partial to ranged survivors.

    Best solution? Give Scouts a gun, lol
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    I agree with @SpacemanSpiff, the only way to make a scout or even a bruiser (the 2nd most useless class) useful is give them a gun.... or a crossbow maybe?????
  • PR0DJPR0DJ Member Posts: 834
    edited June 2016
    I wrote it in suggestions thread:

    but can copy-past here:
    "Camouflage" charge ability - is great idea, I saw it before and think it is totally fits into TWD theme.
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    Nice ideas guys. Will pass them on.
  • limeyjohnlimeyjohn Member Posts: 215
    I like crossbow for the scout.......and a chainsaw for the bruisers
  • A movement after an attack even if you don't kill on the first time would be best. If you get 2ap before the hit, let them have 2ap after the hit as well. Not 4ap in one move but if you attack, you should be able to retreat.
    There are no maps with only one enemy, so moving to attack and then being stuck there to get hit by everything you didn't kill is just foolish and no one does that.
  • limeyjohnlimeyjohn Member Posts: 215
    Thinking about it a bit more l really like @SpacemanSpiff idea, in real life scouts are not meant to be aggressive , would be nice to have a survivor that could sneak around and spy on the opposition, especially in the outposts
  • Sipher07Sipher07 Member Posts: 591
    SCOUT - guaranteed kill as standard 1x target + a charge cross bow ability
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    edited June 2016
    You know people keep buying the bundles even when they aren't the greatest so it seems NG is leaving lots of money on the table by not offering a Daryl Bundle with his crossbow and outfit featuring his jacket with the wings on the back. People bought the Lucille bundle for their worthless bruisers, why not buy the Daryl Bundle for their worthless scouts?
  • FurginatorFurginator Member Posts: 97
    I like the idea of having all of the classes being useful. I can't think of any scenario in which somebody would use a legendary scout if they had an epic or even rare warrior. These ideas are great and I just think it would help the even out the classes without having to nerf the others.

    Hope some changes happen in the future :)
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    edited June 2016
    @dlich @furganator Well I've finally found a use for my SCOUT watch terminates video on how to beat lvl 30 dumpsters in the suburbs challenge you need two melae survivors with interupt I have a warrior katana with interupt and a scout knife that I'm leveling know and my epic scout finally a use for my scout
  • FurginatorFurginator Member Posts: 97
    Lol @DLich very accurate and this is why I feel scouts need a boost.
  • DangerBDangerB Member Posts: 231
    I like the stealth aspect. Being able to move them behind enemy lines so the enemies are no longer in cover would be great for new strategies. Also the charge ability, if anything should be instant death, at least in the +1 to +3 range. Hell even the scout being able to throw his knife for insta-death would be sweet.
  • FurginatorFurginator Member Posts: 97
    I know what you mean @DangerB. Thanks for the input!
  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    My favorite idea for making Scouts useful again is give them the ability to call in an air strike.
    Back from 2016 :p
    OvidmikelPR0DJ[Deleted User]Perdtin
  • FurginatorFurginator Member Posts: 97
    @theRealBender Or what about a flying knife?
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    @theRealBender, what if we give the scout the RPG that Daryl used against the Savior bike gang????
  • FurginatorFurginator Member Posts: 97
    Is Daryl considered a scout in this game.
  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,030
    My bet is they will make Daryl's crossbow a shooter weapon when they put it for sale.
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  • LonesLones Member Posts: 112
    IMHO, since the crossbow has been known that it can punch through several targets like in the tutorial, I quess they will make it for hunter weapon.

    For the Scout, maybe they can give them Throwing knife, although I think it is not wise to throw the only weapon they have... LOL..
  • LonesLones Member Posts: 112
    As for the scout skill/extra attack, maybe they can give Scout 'Back stab' ability, so combine with camouflage, the back stab will give 100% extra damage caused to their target due to unaware target.
  • FurginatorFurginator Member Posts: 97
    @Lones thats hilarious and at the same time, a valid argument. Why would you throw the only weapon you have. I like your idea about unaware zombies though, too.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    - Guarantee kill using Stab Brain +3 lvl walkers above including Fatty
    - Attack and jump back 1 grid like somebody mentioned before
    - More % for Swif Attack
    <img src=""alt="" />
  • FurginatorFurginator Member Posts: 97
    Good ideas @Amiga I hope the developers include some of these ideas in the next update.
  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783

    @theRealBender Or what about a flying knife?

    Throwing stars?
  • OnyxOnyx Member Posts: 19
    edited June 2016
    Create a Daryl outfit together with an crossbow for the scoutclass.
    Same range as the hunter but with limited arrows, like 2 or 3 together with the knive.
    In that way people love the Darylgoodies but its not getting to overpowered, and i'm sure the scout will get used more like NG would like.

    Just my 2 cents..
  • LonesLones Member Posts: 112
    edited June 2016
    Mmm.. Let me think of the other ranged weapon that suitable for the scout as it wont create a sound when attacking.. So they wont distract the walkers.

    How about a sling, so they can sling shot the walkers from distance.
    Or...... Maybe the catapult.. Working together with a warrior, Hell!!, they can even use the beheaded walker's head as bullets...

    Lets kill those walkers with their own heads.. LOL
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