Survivor progression changes: Official discussion thread



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    @SlickRick that's what I figured. Great to hear and thanks.

    @tembel my friened I can feel your pain. I remember you saying you had retired a lot of your old team to lvl up some others.

    I almost did the same the other day, with a a 16/16 and 17/17.

    Play to Slay. Slay to live another day. Daily players. On and killing walkers as often as we can.

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    TheMajor said:

    Could you please let me know if deadly missions will come back? Really want to get to the 500 mission mark... Thanks, plus I use it to kill off old survivors, I realise now we will be able to upgrade them further but still want to kill some off. I think at least one deadly mission should be available at all times. Maybe on the weekly missions? Thanks

    I hope so. If survivors are becoming more permanant, then there should be a way for them to die.
    I think more missions should be deadly
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    This update sounds absolutely wonderful. I hope that we are not reading more into what has been announced by staff than what is actually going to be offered. So many times, so many disappointments I truely hope this time is different.
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    When you have leveled up to train to 13, then all your survivors will be able to do that, and on up the ladder.

    That is exactly what I mean. My survivors get downgraded and I have to spend XP to upgrade them again, when I upgrade my training grounds. Or did I misunderstand something, and survivors automatically rise their max level as soon as the training ground is upgraded?
    @CanadianMike dude you are funny. There is no way your current survivors are already upgraded past the level of your current Training Grounds max upgrade capability. This will never change, as it's that building that does the upgrading and controls how high your survivors can be trained.

    And it doesn't matter that you NOW have UN-upgraded survivors at a high max level. If you can't train them to max now because of your Training Grounds that's because of YOU not having upgraded the building high enough. After the update, you will be able to train that same un-upgraded survivor as high as your Training Grounds allow JUST LIKE NOW. You just have to upgrade the Training Grounds high enough, just like now. Except, even better, it will eventually have the benefit of being upgraded even higher than its current max, and not become obsolete :)
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    bumshoe said:

    bumshoe said:

    Soft cap means I quit. Enjoy the game all been a good run.

    Care to explain exactly how and why?
    Of course not everyone will share the same thoughts but farming missions and areas was a big part of how I progressed in the game. While they are making efforts to give more exp they are also closing other doors. I don't feel it if fair or just.

    You just reiterated what you already stated in different words - its effect on you. I wanted to learn exactly *how* and *why* this does not work with your game.
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    Even if players are using programs to gain exp it does not change the balance nor anything other then opportunity to upgrade faster.

    Regardless not interested in a debate about people using programs. If the game was balanced to players likening it would not be used.

    Put a soft cap in and I shall leave. No ultimatum. Just a statement in protest as I feel farming is currently a key part of the game. I also love the mass fatty appearance when you farm challenges. No clue why it needs to be there but...
    When soft cap comes I quit the game.
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    have the fattie flash dance mob be the cap instead of cutting xp down per kill id farm till i got the fatties & try & take out as many as i could till the end
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    @bumshoe @masmith93

    I don't want to start a discussion on the merits or evils of auto-clickers. Regardless of the opinion this change does not make any sense. Why even make farming levels at all? They are still in the new challenge maps - most are those are not auto-clicker friendly. This change hurts those of who sit for 2 hours farming more than it does the bots. Yeah, they can auto-farm all night - but they can't get their training grounds or workshop upgraded with XP. So it really doesn't give them THAT much of an edge. Capping farming just keeps the rest of us from being able to build up XP. So now I really have no way to do it, other than grind through trade goods and scouting missions, which, frankly, I don't want to do.

    I'm willing to wait and see what happens with the survivor changes since we aren't as reliant on XP to upgrade them anymore. But I am NOT an auoiclicker and at this point am NOT happy with this cap idea at all.

    We have had so many people quit the game we went from needing to start a 3rd guild to not being able to fill up 2. I fear this latest change is going to cause NG to lose even more players.

    @eetu @OldGoth @Teeceezy tagging you because I feel like some of these decisions are being made at the expense of a lot of dedicated players. Hoping NG will reconsider.

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    Or did I misunderstand something, and survivors automatically rise their max level as soon as the training ground is upgraded?

    Yep. Just think of it as "no more level caps". I can't see any downside to that :)
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    This change is like good will from NG. I'm really surprised that survivors cap will gone ;)
    Players frustration was priceless...
    - why only lvl 18? Why not 19.... Each

    It'sisn't necessarily to use tokens but it's good to have this option.
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    @bumshoe @masmith93

    This change hurts those of who sit for 2 hours farming more than it does the bots. .

    How can you conclude this without knowing what the soft caps even are? Unless I missed some info somewhere ...
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    Edited the announcement: The maximum level of all your Survivors will be raised to the maximum trainable level in your Training Grounds.

    Now comes the next question that @Japes87 and others may have been referring to. Currently, the Max Level of the Training Grounds is Level 17, but we can train our Survivors to Level 18 (one level ABOVE the Training Ground Level). After the update, it would seem really bad if they lowered our Survivors to Level 17, which would be the current level of our Training Grounds before we could update it to level to 18. Hopefully, our Survivors won't be lowered if they are already Level 18.

    Nothing's changing in this regard.

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    NG - If you want to eliminate farming which is mean less XP for us then please consider my idea

    Make happy all of us including NG ;)
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    woodstock said:

    As I already wrote here: This is NOT an "Exploit fix". Auto clickers will still work as before. They just eliminate the benefit of XP farming, both for auto clickers and for manual XP farmers.

    If a change removes the benefits from using an exploit, I'm comfortable in calling it an "Exploit fix".

    You are correct, it is a bit of a blunt instrument. We are evaluating other options, and might or might not rework it in the future. Your ideas sound worthy of further examination, thanks!
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    @Teeceezy -- Thanks for the clarification! I reread the entire thread before seeing your latest post, and you did make it clear in another post how it would work. So much going on, it's easy to get lost in it all. Can't wait for more details!

    And I can't express how thankful I am that you announced the Council Upgrade as well. This will give some of us near max camp players to save up some Food for upgrades! Much appreciated!!!

    Can you let us know if the Farms/XP Tents/Supplies Storage buildings will have a max level increase? I'm not there yet, but I know that would be nice for the max level players.

    Can't wait for the next Radio Event (fingers crossed), and the next 5 second Survivor Training will most likely turn this free player into someone who will buy a couple boosters!
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    @woodstock If the reason for implementing the cap would be money making only NG wouldn't have had it postponed after discussions in the pre-1.9 thread*,but they did it to discuss and revise it prior to final implementation in 1.10. That's imho a prove that your reproaches are groundless.

    I farmed 9-3 (manually) from time to time myself, but I prefer to have a kill cap rather than open cheater the door to gain XP over night while they are sleeping.

    *The originally planned cap was 75 kills, which most probably would have harmed players in E12/13 nightmare missions already.
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    Great news indeed!
    Currently, I have collected 33 survivors out of 39 slots. Dang, I should buy previous Maggie's bundle because 40 sounds better than 39.
    Oh boy I need lots of tokens if I need to convert 24 of them to legendaries.
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    Or did I misunderstand something, and survivors automatically rise their max level as soon as the training ground is upgraded?

    eetu said:

    Yep. Just think of it as "no more level caps". I can't see any downside to that :)

    You are correct, my apologies. I got something mixed up, no downgrading whatsoever.

    Still I feel a little sorry for the radio tower. Hoping for a good survivor and eventually gettin one was a key element in the game for me. The excitement before a radio pull, the happiness you felt when you actually pulled a non-rare. Emotions belong in a game, now parts of this is taken away, because you can literally upgrade even the dumbest of possible survivors. Players that already have a big stack of survivors won't be in the need of making further calls. They will just make them for the tokens. This might feel good for them but to it feels like something elementary is taken away from the game. And with the "now you can upgrade any survivor" argument, I fear that the probability of pulling epics or legs will yet again be decreased (I know, you're saying that it wasn't - I refuse to believe this), which would be sad for players like me that only have 13-14 survivors.

    All in all it indeed looks like a good update, but I can't lose the feeling that the dependency on the will to spend money will be higher as ever.
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    I'm sure it won't be easy to train legendary from Epic ;) But no cap in lvl makes it definitely worthy!

    Can we expect anything else in update 1.10?
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  • Just two days ago I almost got rid of an epic lvl 15 hunter that I had an attachment to. I decided to keep him at the cost of him being dead weight. Now he'll soon be on my A team again.
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    You know you are sad when you actually do a fist pump when you read the latest game news
    Cannot wait for update 1-10 with the new upgrade survivor tokens, if they do it right this will be awesome, it may be a good idea to start saving radios until the update gets here
    I do believe that ng actually listens to us sometimes
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    Can't you post your "excited thoughts" in thread regarding new update?? :)
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    @Amiga No he can't. His post is too important to be just one of 200+ similar posts. Mods, please don't merge this thread with the other one. Forum members might miss it. :wink:

    Disclaimer: This comment might contain irony and sarcasm.
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    @Amiga you right mate, not my fault, l got excited
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    limeyjohn said:

    @Amiga you right mate, not my fault, l got excited

    I believe, we all do.
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