Bruisers No Longer Autostun

My lv 13 bruiser with a weapon with a concussion trait hit a lv 13 zombie. To my surprise, my bruiser's hit did not stun the zombie. This has never happened before. No matter if you get a body shot on any level zombie, you were guaranteed a stun result.

I wonder if this was purposely changed in the new 1.5 update or if this is a bug introduced from the update.

Either way, please be aware that you are no longer guaranteed a stun with every bruiser hit.


  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    Yes, the mods confirmed it. Concussion trait will no longer activate on bodyshots.

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    Yes, it was changed. Convenient, as I just finished upgrading my bruisers and their equipment. Taking an already weak survivor class and totally nerfing it... Looks like the lobbyist trolls won.

    If this is intentional, then this is a terrible move by the developers. They just made the bruiser irrelevant. The only reason to use a bruiser is for their guaranteed stun. Without this ability, there is no reason to use a bruiser anymore in this game.
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    It is intentional. Not a bug.. they probably think that in real life, no one gets a concussion when hit on the body.

  • SdotSdot Member Posts: 33
    This is absolutely awful!!! First time I've felt like quitting. Spent a lot of time leveling up bruiser. Only to have the rug pulled out from under me. I want my xp back!!!!!
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    Yep delete comments wow!
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    Ok I just read the other thread on this topic. This undocumented change may be the final straw for me. Most of my friends have already quit and moved on to other games. My guild is practically a ghost town now with only a couple of friends left playing this game.

    Now with this serious nerfing of the bruisers, it may make me quit this game too. Trying to push as far as I can each week was my main source of enjoyment in this game. Using bruisers was central to my tactics at the highest levels.

    Now with this gone, I need to decide if I want to continue to play this game. I'm very disappointed in NG for this move.
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    Refund this is fraud. Lock me out if you want.
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    @WastelandDan Agreed. You identified the main reason why most of my friends have quit this game. They got bored with the weekly grind. The wash, rinse, and repeat aspect of this game got too much for them.

    The only thing keeping me interested was seeing how far I could go each week. Now that has been taken away from me. Plus the crappy rewards after working hard to get so high doesn't help either.
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    reading the original post he indicated a lev 13 survivor on a level 13 zombie...

    the mods in the bugs page indicated that -

    "This is indeed a change in 1.5. If you target walkers that are too high for your survivor level your shot will equal an automatic body shot and body shots don't stun."

    however -

    "My lv 13 bruiser with a weapon with a concussion trait hit a lv 13 zombie. To my surprise, my bruiser's hit did not stun the zombie. "

    13 on 13 doesn't sound right, so whilst the maybe tried to nerf a little this indicates a bug as well. i could maybe understand whhy a lev 13 zombie wouldnt stun a lev 19 one, but should always stun something within 3 of it's level id think.
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    @drinky There is always a chance of getting a body shot in any attack. It can occur when you attack a lower level zombie as well.
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    Lame change. Think about it. What moron holding a bat, standing right next to a walker would hit them in the body?
  • drinkydrinky Member Posts: 414
    @Headhunter yes normally a shot could be a body shot on any walker correct. however thats when this trait was suppose to kick in to stop it, so from what the admins said it would only not stun if the walker was was too high for survivor, 13 on 13 isnt to high in my opinion, so whilst they clearly (for some reason) planned to make brsiers less effected / limited, your situation seems to me (based on their responses to date) more than was intended thus a bug.

    however does look like they planning on changing a number of traits, they could of started by actually fixing the bronze, silver gold stun traits on brusiers, wouldn't be important now as most will just dump i think.
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    Their income will be nerfed by this bruiser bullshit, people will lose interest because this is only the first of many nerfs that will follow. Why invest in a game when your efforts will be erased in the next update.
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  • Rick_ZKRick_ZK Member Posts: 296
    Release content -> make profit -> nerf -> repeat
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    I am done w/ their crap. Refund.
  • It seems that the assault stun also does not work anymore with higher level zombies. My assault is an Epic lv 15 And did not stun lvl 16 zombies. Anyone else noticed this?

    Cause i am hoping that i did not see it correctly...... Real bummer That the stun option has gone. As mentioned here by others, this changes a lot of tactics and therefore a whole lot of Fun out of the game. i have invested a lot of time in this game and now i will become a more casual player.

    At least my wife will be happier that i can spend more time with her :D
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    @SGMAN Thank you. You answered my next question. I was wondering if the stun nerfing also applied to the assault class as well.
  • I am still hoping That i did not see it correctly, And was a glitch.... Hoping That Someone can confirm...
  • AshnagarrAshnagarr Member Posts: 9
    Assault could miss zombies before ... could that be the reason yours didn't stun? Because as per the Mods comment, the charged ability never is a body-shot, so it will stun every time, guaranteed (for bruiser and assault). But if you miss the zombie, then of course nothing happens.

    I just have no idea if the charged ability of the Assault can miss or not ... his normal attacks totally can miss (and always could).
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    Have you considered the possibility that if PvP is coming then this was definitely required to balance bruisers? I would think there will be more changes.
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    Lets just hope PvP doesn't get rushed. I'd rather have them take their time for it and do it right.

    I personally can't see a way where a melee team composition in pvp (3v3) would work.
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    I'm not sure I want to lose that ability for a feature I'm highly unlikely to be using!

    Nice to be asked about it though....... :s
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