Thanks Ng for the new years gift

all compaints aside :p thanks for the gift


  • Yes! Thank You, Thank You :) I hope the whole staff has a great new year too <3
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,155
    I agree, it was a wonderful surprise!
  • TheSheriffTheSheriff Member Posts: 76
    Love it!
  • dakydaky Member Posts: 4
    God surprise, indeed :D
    Many thanks!!
  • LanceLance Member Posts: 568
    Thanks for the gift!
  • SdotSdot Member Posts: 33
    Wow :(
  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    Funny that I got a free bundle as excuse for a buggy update. With all the bugs and issues I regret spending money on this.

    Still hopeful that when I wake up there will be another update or fix...
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  • Flint007Flint007 Member Posts: 9
    So I completely agree here- a big thank you for the free stuff
  • SoyevSoyev Member Posts: 130
    +1 Yay free stuff.
  • TUCOTUCO Member Posts: 183
    Thanks NG for the bundle, it was a pleasant suprise.

    Thanks forum for giving me the heads up & not claiming when it first loaded.
  • Camp_HalfbloodCamp_Halfblood Member Posts: 2
    Yeap! Thanks NG for the free bundle pack! Happy to receive more phone haha

  • FeleciaFelecia Member Posts: 340
    The free gift was nice though coming with this update it was more like getting a jar of Vaseline :wink: I do like Andrea's outfit. I never purchased an outfit because I thought they coast too much but really wanted one. Daryl's vest is on my wish list. Supplies were nice and I was able to upgrade a tent.
  • I'd return the bundle if it would take the bugs with it. In 2 months of daily play, I've not had anything close to what today's been like.
    I had already turned over the 1st three unlocks when it had to reload me back to the mission I just beat. This time in the mission the buried walkers and the ones that came al at once surrounding me with only 1 of my players with a move left.
    Result, heavy injury 1 hour 45 minutes recovery for the team. I healed my legendary and tried another and crashed before I even left camp.
    I've uninstalled a few apps for room, cleared my cache, history, turned off notifications and rebooted my cell . I have a full tank of gas and can't play. Horrible horrible day off from work thanks to the update.
    Probably should have posted this in bugs & fixes, but I think my day started bad with the free bundle (of bugs).
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