The maximum of 140 (now 280) items



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    I'm sorry did I miss something else? When did @zbot get promoted from player/forum moderator to game developer?
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    @DarkFae I think he is still just a mod. It would be nice to have some official statement from NG staff, wouldn't it?
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    zbot said:

    @all, as you already noticed, there was an increase in maximum gear capacity as of this morning.

    Just curious where is the official NG notice of this change? I screen shot new info to my guild and don't want to look like a boob by saying it is the case when there is not proof??

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    @all, it's Tuesday for me, (@Lightfeet , I follow HI time), I was on vacation but I am back now for a short time.

    This post is an unofficial announcement, I confirmed the increase with NG/Dev (name withheld to protect the identity my source).

    @insight55 , I think you were the only one to notice this change, the change occurred same time as the new bundle but I still can't figure out why your limit increased before. If you could provide screenshot of the message for proof for others. I would but I rarely carry more than 100 items since most are scrapped immediately so it's going to take me a few weeks to get to the limit.
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    I will try to post a screenshot...
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    I know, it was confirmed by zbot in this thread.
    Back from 2016 :p
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    @zbot Thanks. I hope you enjoyed your time away

    @insight55 Well that screenshot looked pretty definitive. I see you also had 153 items you could upgrade.
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    edited May 2016
    Today the game scrapped my items again. I counted my equipment: I had 281 (edit: 280) items after the game scrapped my items (if I counted correctly).
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    I've been managing my inventory for the longest time using the max 140 item limit. Then I just read in here that it's 140 unequipped Items, which freed me up to stash some more. Now with 280 limit and the radio event on, it's not hard to imagine the most requested weekend event will be triple scrap or as I like to call it, XXXp.
    ('cept can ya wait a few weeks til we fill up our newly expanded armouries?) :)
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    @DoTak Yeah. I threw out some potentially useful stuff. I also wasted a lot of time manually counting my gear on a nearly daily basis when I actually had a lot more space avaialble. Well at least I know now, and things have improved.
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    @SgtSalami Forget the whole hoarding radios for next event thing, now it's gonna be, hoard as much decent gear until the next 3x scrap event. I'm still autoscrapping most rares or lower, maybe keep lvl 16 or higher rares, I dunno, but let's say I end up with 250 pieces of epic 14 gear for XXXp. That's 5167 x 3 x 250 = 3.875mil XP
    Now that would be a very nice weekend event. And the example I used there is probably very conservative :)
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    @Jaden I am just curious what you disagreed with in my post. Do you think that giving us an extra 140 spots in our inventory wasn't an improvement? I am perplexed.
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    @SgtSalami it was probably a misclick. I saw by chance yesterday I had "disagreed" with something completely sane @Boruto had said, probably due to my fat fingers. I changed it to a like, and I'll give you one as well now. Cheers!
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    @TheLostOnes That makes sense. Have a good one : )
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    @SgtSalami - Somehow it seems it doesn't work properly on my computer. I certainly hit "agree" because, of course, I agree.

    I can't even see wether I hit any of the "buttons" or not, so... I hit "agree" again but don't know if it changed now or not.
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    @Jaden Understood. @TheLostOnes explained it and made perfect sense. It has changed. Thanks : )
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    I just got auto scrapped by being over 280 items
    I have been saving gear so I could use a Double XP booster or one of the XP combo boosters

    As has been mentioned before,
    1) An advanced warning would be nice
    2) A counter with a total item count would be even nicer

    If I knew it was coming I would have a choice on what to scrap

    So since I did not see what items were auto scrapped, I am assuming the lowest level items got scrapped?
    Makes sense they would scrap from the bottom of the list, but you never know :)
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Same as me a couple weeks ago, also saving for x2 XP to dump but lost track. Think I read somewhere that when you hit 300 items, it triggers the scrap and sends you back to 280. Not 100% sure on that. Might be a good time to count your gear?

    I'm not hoarding crap anymore because as we established in the other thread we were in, my device is an ancient, cluttered mess and slow as molasses :)
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    Think I read somewhere that when you hit 300 items, it triggers the scrap and sends you back to 280
    I missed seeing that 300 limit post, If that's true then I lost 20 items
    I hope I got the XP for those 20 items
    Not sure since I don't know what my XP total was before the auto scrap happened
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    Well, since this thread has been revived, and I do know that the request for an equipment counter has been put forth many times, I will remind the team that if you are going to limit our inventory, then we need a counter.

    Also, a warning would be good when the counter reaches 280. Perhaps the counter could turn red in color.

    Back from 2016 :p
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    You do always get the normal scrap XP amount when auto-scrap happens.
    Sorry for not having a counter yet, it's not ideal.
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    Perhaps the counter could turn red in color.Thanks.

    Excellent idea and that would be fairly simple to program compared to a warning system

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