FREE GAS frustration

californiancalifornian Member Posts: 8
I invite others to show frustration with getting gas for nothing...


  • LightfeetLightfeet Member Posts: 1,062
    edited June 2016
    Why frustration? Close the crate screen and clear the next map for better rewards... and another.... and another... and another.... ;)
  • HerbergeHerberge Member Posts: 210
    What!!? I'm using my gold for the gas...and here you are getting frustrated of gas glut.
  • LightfeetLightfeet Member Posts: 1,062
    @Herberge He's not getting the gas on top of his tank due to the reason that he is using the gas booster. The gas will disappear into nirvana.
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
    This is how RNG works ! :D
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    Who has seen that much gas while opening crates when they have NOT been in the 24 hour window of having a full tank?
  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 163
    @Dale Mmmmhmm... It's a cruel tease. I put in a ticket for it, and they said the unlimited gas booster is exempt from their new excess-gas-earned-via-rewards change. It pretty crappy. They should either change their release notes to include this stipulation, or change the wording, when you tap on your gas tank during the booster. Currently while on the booster, it says Gas (23); Max Storage (23)... Should read Gas (unlimited) to prevent further confusion/threads/tickets. :smile:
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  • MizTyMizTy Member Posts: 1,335
    My only frustration with the free gas bundle is that it doesn't do the household chores for me
  • TBRaidersTBRaiders Member Posts: 22
    You should be given the option to sell gas pulled from crates for XP just like you can for weapons and armor I had unlimited gas a couple days ago and wish I pulled gas from crates like I did when my gas wasn't unlimited.
  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 710
    I can buy unlimited fuel. Where is the free gas Option?
  • BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 401
    edited June 2016
    Ftw. Yeah not only have they stacked the challenges in a way to force us to use gold or buy a booster to max out. They seem to have increased the rate that useless fuel drops after you have purchased a booster. I have never seen this happen without the booster , but with one I get crate after crate after crate with fuel. ... -_-
  • wolfstewwolfstew Member Posts: 14
    It's like having full farm supply thousand go by every minute just part of the game when your full your full
  • HercamurnkyHercamurnky Member Posts: 43
    I really can't help but agree here. Bought the gas booster for the first time this weekend, and I've never seen soooo much gas in crates before. Got the cinema twice during the boost and both times every single crate was gas! Now, when I normally need gas, there's usually not a drop of that shit to be found... So, yeah, seems like something's a little sketch here.
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