How many hunters does it take to make an epic hunter a LEGENDARY HUNTER

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The day the announcement came out saying the new update would allow us to retire a class of survivors for tokens to upgrade our survivors I decided too save up hunters to trade in for tokens. I have a problem saving phones due to impatience , OCD ,or pure want of a legendary hunter . So I have accumulated 8 rare hunters 1uncommon hunter 1 epic hunter if needed and as of yesterday A LEGENDARY HUNTER LOL """FINALLY"""" I'm very anxious to see how close to legendary my favorite epic hunter becomes after I upgrade her with all the tokens from 10 hunters rare and above . Has anyone else saved up HUNTERS or for the scout and bruiser fanatics THOSE CLASSS LOL for @OneLessTitan this should be an excellent chance to crunch some numbers for tokens needed for upgrading survivors


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    Not sure if it will be one for @OneLessTitan.
    They will clearly tell us how much it will cost.
    If there was a hidden element to it, that had a random variable, then yes then some number crunching can happen
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    And no, I haven't started collecting anything yet. I still have limited slots, so I will wait till I can start using them up.
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    @blynknz I had the misfortune to log in and find one of my lvl 18 epic hunters had vanished . TRAUMATIZING to say the least. However ng compensated me and i used the gold to buy a few extra survivor slots and retired every other class down to skeleton crews lol. I've always had luck pulling hunters just not leg hunters so I devised a master plan to stockpile as many hunters as possible to trade in for tokens in hope of upgrading my favorite epic hunter to LEGENDARY LOL guess you're right about number crunching just meant that it will be a good example of just how many hunters well need to pull and trade for tokens to upgrade an epic to legendary . By the way thanx for the time you've put in helping the community
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    @Ovidmikel & @blynknz -- With the help of my guild mates and the good users of the forum, I will be compiling all the data I can find on the Class Token Economy, and upgrade costs. I will be tracking and updating the data here:

    If you find speculation fun, here's one projection system based on the first 3 data points shown in the 2 videos NG has posted. Of course, this will probably be completely wrong, but is based on each successive upgrade costing 2 more tokens as the previous upgrade: Promote to Uncommon was 10 Tokens, upgrading first trait to level 2 cost 12 tokens, and upgrading the 2nd trait to level 2 cost 14 tokens.

    Of course, these speculative costs may only be applicable to new survivors (if applicable at, as new survivors will probably come with Traits of ALL THE SAME LEVEL (i.e. Epics will come with 4x level 3 Traits, for example). Hopefully, our current Epics will still keep their Gold Trait (level 5 in the new system, I presume)
  • @OneLessTitan I'm sure you're way underpricing the costs, but nice work none the less.
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    in your chart you act on the assumption that after promoting a survivor the new trait unlocks and will start with Lvl 1, but i rather think, you will have to pay tokens for upgrading the new trait to Lvl 1 as well
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    @OneLessTitan your speculation is very acceptable lol. I too hope our legendary survivors gold traits are lvl 5 and the silver is upgradable with the new trait being the one that has to be upgraded from 1 to 5 it wouldn't be right to have our leg survivors survivors gold traits which is as good as it gets nerfed and have too upgrade them. Surely HOPEFULLY that's not the case. Oldgoth did say it would beam I quote save a boatload of time and work to pull a legendary survivor when asked about no longer needing the radio tower to pull legendarys . I thought of you when I was speculating on how many tokens my 10 hunters would give me and how much of an upgrade it would be using them on one epic hunter .we will see very soon if after upgrading an epics 4 traits which will make it able to upgrade to legendary will epics 4 traits still be lvl 5 leaving us only having to upgrade the newly unlocked trait when upgraded to legendary or having g to start a over at lvl 1 upgraded all traits when the rarity is upgraded I really hope not or that will be a BOATLOAD of time and work lol
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    In the fb video an epic scout brought 30 tokens if I remember rite so I'm hoping my 8 rare 1 uncommon and 1 epic hunter givese a BOATLOAD of tokens. I'm hoping enough to upgrade one of my epics to legendary very doubtful lol but it should dang sure put more than a drop in the bucket p.s. thank goodness I pulled a leg. Hunter the other night lol
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    @docfinzenburg - You could be right, but it appeared to me when watching the video that the Common Survivor upgraded to Uncommon had their new Trait unlocked and already started at Level 1. Again, this is all just speculation out of boredom, and I'm not claiming any of this to be accurate.
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    Too many.
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