Show us your NEW maxed-out survivors! (Too soon? lol)



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    @Perdtin that's still not a trait on a rifle though So saying that the traits on the weapons changed is ridiculous.
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    @Perdtin at least for now bcuz the goal was to have a similar type of system for weapons. So epic weapons will get screwed over just like epic survivors. The gold trait on them will turn to a level 4 instead of the level 5 they were
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    Perdtin said:

    @SpacemanSpiff How much supplies does it require to upgrade Training Ground to Level 18? Thanks :smile:

    It was around 4 Million give or take. I was saving gold since sitting on supplies and wanted to speed the council and training grounds along. But that is pretty much it for me right now :)@SpacemanSpiff you are a madman, and I mean that in a good way :)
    I know it costs 4 million supplies to upgrade Council to Level 18, the previous one was 3.5 million. As for the Training Ground, Level 17 costs 2.75 million. I have less than 2 million supplies now so it'll probably take me some time to double what I have now to upgrade Training Ground to Level 18.
    The training grounds upgrade to 18 was just around 4 million also.
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    upgrade trait Button still counting, can you do another upgrade?!
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    @SpacemanSpiff I bet you can sleep soundly for a while without worrying about getting your outpost raided and losing TG's while you sleep :wink:
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    Perdtin said:

    The training grounds upgrade to 18 was just around 4 million also.

    Thanks buddy :smile:

    IGN: Gabriel
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