How can unlock mission 3 from episode 10?

SquadSquad Member Posts: 56
Hi, everyone. Could tell me one of you how can I unlock this mission. I not start this episode because the task for reward make me confuse. The requirements are 6 mission completed, so the first question I should complete any episode with six missions or I should make only Exploration missions for items?
The second is for receive the reward must finish all episode?
And the last one the traits are add random or I can choose?

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  • KaiserKaiser Member Posts: 60
    U wot m8?
  • SquadSquad Member Posts: 56
    The question is not clear enough?
  • KaiserKaiser Member Posts: 60
    Yeah i have no idea what u are asking. You get to mission 3 by finishing missions 1 and 2
  • SquadSquad Member Posts: 56
    No, Kaiser it's about episode 10. It said "0/6 Missions completed" and it's place, in episode 10 at third step for unlock and not the last as I was accustomed. Even if I finish some random missions from other episode I don't saw any progress and it remain as 0/6. So in order to not waste gas with replay others mission I post this question because I wind as being an easy solution.
    Now It's clear?
  • SquadSquad Member Posts: 56
    Thank you, @DcNats, now it's different, but nfinally I will done it after I will try others ways.
  • SquadSquad Member Posts: 56
    You right, @Lightfeet. Yesterday I realised that the task is to complete first two missions with three stars.
    And to answer at your last question I think it required something else.
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