''No leader trait''



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    You have another clue in your game client to what that is for: tap on the little flag icon in your Survivors inventory screen.
    Back from 2016 :p
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    Movado said:

    One of mods said it's part of some future feature. But I forgot which thread it was buried in

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    Did some posts get merged to this thread? Because otherwise it looks like people posted in this thread asking what does it mean even though it was answered early on in the thread.

    @Movado I think it was answered in the master discussion thread. Edit: I posted this while el34xyz was posting too. Looks like it was answered somewhere else too.
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    i guessing 4 will go to outpost. The little flag seems like an outpost option.
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    What are the Leader Traits asked for when selecting teams for missions?
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    An upcoming feature. Don't worry about it for now. It'll make sense in The Future.
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    Whether that can be here?

    1. LeaderBuffAssault
    Assault class does {0}% more damage and gets {1}% more health"
    Leader Trait: Hail Of Fire
    2. LeaderBuffRangedDamag
    All ranged attacks do {0}% more damage
    Leader Trait: Bitch Nuts
    3. LeaderBuffMeleeDamage
    All hand-to-hand attacks do {0}% more damage
    Leader Trait: Hand-to-Hand
    4. LeaderBuffLooter
    Gain Supplies for {0}% of Experience from kills
    Leader Trait: Lucky Dumpster
    Warrior class does {0}% more damage and gets {1}% more health
    Leader Trait: Warrior Code
    Get {0}% more Experience from kills
    Leader Trait: Harvest Red
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    Thanks, I wish I can say that everything in my life everyday. ;)
  • @Shut_Up I'd rather have tomatoes than water when attacked by a skunk.
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    OldGoth said:

    Don't worry about it for now.

    What fun is that? :)

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    @darkfae that pic means you have an awsome team of assaults . Drooling
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    Thanks! They were maxed for a long while before the latest update, I'm very excited about being able to lvl them higher now :) I have a nice 4th too but still looking for a better assault riffle for him so have not been sending him on missions yet.
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    4 spots.

    Leader of A team
    Leader of B team
    Leader of C team
    Leader of outpost team.

    did I solve the riddle?

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  • @DLich yes you may have. But my leader of all four of those teams is the same survivor. I'm not rich and fancy enough for several great players.
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    Introducing something that is in the game but will become apparent in the future is absolutely ridiculous.

    What about everyone who plays the game that is wondering about it and doesn't read the forums. Am sure they will be wondering what the hell is going on and why they can activate that part of the game.

    Sorry but this just makes no sense whatsoever EDIT

    Only approx 3 or 4 people in our guild read the forums and I have had to address this issue about a dozen times on our chat already but feel absolutely stupid telling them that it's for something in the future.

    Mod edit: zbot 7/4/16 3:10 pm

    @johnnydives , please read the forum rules.

    Keep your posts constructive. If you have a beef with the developers, don't be a jerk about it. Say your piece and move on.

    Warning issued, further disregard for the rules will result in loss of forum priveliges.
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    So what you are saying is we are not allowed to say what we think without fear of loss of privileges?

    What is running here is an online forum dictatorship where is if you don't like the question then the post is deleted or edits are made to posts?

    I was been constructive. I have mentioned several times in a variety of posts that not everyone reads the forums so anything that is in the game should be in the in game FAQ's and there is nothing about 'Hidden Survivors' or 'No Leader Trait' so how are people supposed to know what is going on? If am not mistaken @zbot you even agree with me on this point and you have backed me up on this point on a thread in which I stated this.

    Seems very strange that on Independence day you would stop someone trying to be heard and silence them when I am merely pointing out my opinion on the facts which if hadn't occurred and are in place then I wouldn't feel I needed to.

    So what are we discussing here, what is allowed to be said without fear of loss of privileges, oh yes I know; What is our favorite song?

    I have moved on but felt the need to address this and refer to my previous post on this thread.
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    @johnnydives , posts can be constructive without name calling. Discuss the issues, not the person or the entity. If your guild members ask, tell them it's for the future, that's the only information available.
  • johnnydivesjohnnydives Member Posts: 324
    Does name calling include saying 'don't be a jerk' like you just did to me?

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    @johnnydives , that's verbatim from the rules.

    Link here.
  • johnnydivesjohnnydives Member Posts: 324

    You couldn't make it up.
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