We should be able to scrap all 3 survivors

Sipher07Sipher07 Member Posts: 591
The calls and tokens are too broken

For a 15 call we should be able to get to scrap all 3 survivors for tokens instead of just 1


  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,522
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    If you want to scrap all three, then it will cost you 45 radios. But isn't it nice to have a choice out of three for 15?
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  • Sipher07Sipher07 Member Posts: 591
    Ur a sarcastic bitch.....the BURN lol
  • lmfgunnutlmfgunnut Member Posts: 1,636
    Sipher, I know you had to find something to whine about today but this is weak.
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    Is getting moved to the Off Topic section the equivalent of being sent to the corner? :D
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