New class!! Mercenary (Daryl Dixon style)

We need a new survivor! He/she should have a cross bow and able to shoot 3 different targets at once, after you select the targets with the range and power of an assault weapon, the mercanary can choose targets in all directions and can also run up close to the walker and use a single swipe much like the warrior but at a weaker strength of the warrior.. But if u choose to run up close that is your single attack..
Leeeeroooy JENKINSSSSSS!! Let's do this! (less)


  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    Or, you could have just bumped your own prior identical thread. You seem quite passionate about this, lol
  • fullmetalphysicistfullmetalphysicist Member Posts: 18
    I think everybody wants to see crossbows in the game. But I don't see a good way of introducing it apart from it being a special weapon in the hunter class.
    My problem with your proposal is, that it seems to be a survivor class that is warrior and hunter but can't keep up with of them. Why not just take a hunter and a warrior on your mission? I think the next survivor class (if there will be one) should introduce many interesting new elements and strategical possibilities. I think there are other possibilities that woul add more to the game (like a surviror that could use consumable items).
  • Cmase1000Cmase1000 Member Posts: 4
    @SpacemanSpiff how do i do that? Would have been much easier lol
  • Cmase1000Cmase1000 Member Posts: 4
    My proposal would be more like an assault class and warrior rather than hunter. Saying why not take hunter and warrior is like saying why use all hunters when u go out.. Gives you options, not that my idea is perfect but better than what we have now, no crossbow at all.. We need some kind of new survivor that's for sure..
    Your idea seems pretty sweet! Consumable items like what? Items you find lying around? @fullmetalphysicist
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